Reason why Santana was not on this week’s Dynamite

Reason why Santana was not on this week’s Dynamite. This week’s Dynamite show was full of action pack Matches and segments. Matches like Jon Moxley Vs Yuji Nagata for IWGP United States Championship; Miro Vs Darby Allin for TNT Championship and SCU Vs Young Bucks for AEW World Tag Team championships. Were on this week’s Dynamite show. With that the show also had one memorable segment involving The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle.

In which Inner Circle gave a bubbly bath to The Pinnacle. All the Inner Circle members were on the show and in that segment where Inner Circle gave The Pinnacle a bubbly bath except Santana. Fans wanted to know “Where is Santana?’ and MJF told everyone that he had been arrested by the local police. Because he used the fork in last week’s Blood and Guts match which is a criminal offence. This was a part of a story line but recently Dave Meltzer discussed this situation on his latest wrestling observer newsletter; And revealed the possible real reason why Santana was not on last week’s Dynamite show. He said :

“The actual thing is that Santana is sick. When someone is sick right now, you know, I mean two years ago when someone was sick they’d probably be there, but you know, you don’t take risks now. So, that’s what happened.”

Which means Santana currently is suffering from an illness. Due to which AEW did not allow him to come to their Dynamite show. Because of the current global pandemic. If Santana was on this week’s Dynamite show and then he got tested positive for covid-19. Then that would have been another reason for covid-19 breakout in AEW. That’s why Santana was not on this week’s Dynamite show.

Reason why Santana was not on this week's Dynamite
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Reason why Santana was not on this week’s Dynamite

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