Paul Wight bringing back old gimmick to AEW

Paul Wight bringing back old gimmick to AEW. Paul Wight fka The Big Show recently left and joined All Elite Wrestling to pursue his future career there. This was shocking because Paul had been working for WWE for nearly two decades.

Paul Wight has joined AEW’s commentary team for their new show AEW Dark Elevation. His current role is commentator but Tony Khan has said that in future he will definitely stay back in the squared circle again. Recently Paul Wight fka The Big Show had an interview with AEW’s own Miro. During that interview Miro and Paul Wight discussed many points in their respective careers. One of them was Paul Wight’s old WCW character Captain Insano. While talking to Paul, Miro asked him, Do he really want to bring that character back to real life and in AEW ? To which Paul Wight responded with the following statement saying :

“Well, here’s the thing, Tony Khan is really good friends with Frank, one of the writers or creators of [The] Waterboy. The Captain Insano character, I think Tony’s trying real hard to get the rights to that and do something with it. I told Tony, ‘If you get Captain Insano, I will rock the ever-loving t*ts off it. Man, I’ll get the red boots and the whole nine yards. ‘Captain Insano shows no mercy, brother!’ I’ll have fun with it.”

Recently AEW has trademarked Paul Wight’s cold gimmick name that he portrayed in old comedy movies. Which is known as Captain Insano his bete gimmick was a little comedic. But even though it connected to the audience as it should. So there is a possibility that AEW might bring back his old gimmick known as captain insano. So we will have to see if it really works in the modern era or not ?

Paul Wight bringing back old gimmick to AEW
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Paul Wight bringing back old gimmick to AEW.

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