Paul Wight (Big Show) gonna wrestle at AEW All Out

Paul Wight (Big Show) gonna wrestle at AEW All Out. Paul Wight (Big Show) is one of the most popular wrestlers in the wrestling industry; He is well known for his work in WWE as The Big Show and he really had a great career there. Now Paul Wight (Big Show) has joined AEW and he is currently working as on air personality on AEW; Working as a commentator for AEW Dark Elevation alongside Tony Schiavone.

Few weeks ago QT Marshall disrespected Tony Schiavone on AEW Dynamite show and when Tony demanded an apology; QT Marshall attacked Tony’s son on AEW Dynamite a week ago. Paul Wight (Big Show) came to rescue Tony Schiavone and his son and chokeslammed Aaron Solo; but QT Marshall successfully escaped the ring.

On this week’s AEW Dynamite show Tony Schiavone was interviewing Paul Wight (Big Show); And he thanked him for saving his family last week on AEW Dynamite. Paul Wight (Big Show) said that it felt great to be back in the ring but before he could say anything; QT Marshall interrupted Paul Wight (Big Show). QT Marshall said that: “There is a bigass problem here, Who is none other than Paul Wight. Because Tony Khan has signed him in AEW as a part of their broadcast team; because Paul Wight (Big Show) had 5 hip surgeries in last 18 months; had three plant devices in Paul’s hip and there is also a 14 inch surgical scar on his hip. So Paul shouldn’t give these people hope because anyways They’re gonna be let down.”

Paul Wight (Big Show) replied to QT Marshall by saying that:

“Is this is his way to embarrass Paul Wight (Big Show) on a National television; exposing his hip world wide. So it ain’t gonna work anyway because Tony Khan has promised the Paul Wight (Big Show) that; Paul Wight (Big Show) will be wrestling at AEW All Out. And his opponent is gonna be none other than QT Marshall”

This is a huge news that Paul Wight (Big Show) is returning in in-ring action in AEW. This will be his biggest returning match at AEW All Out. As a matter of right now it’s another match which is official for this year’s AEW All Out PPV.

Paul Wight (Big Show) gonna wrestle at AEW All Out. Paul Wight. AEW. AEW All Out
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Paul Wight (Big Show) gonna wrestle at AEW All Out

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