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Painmaker Chris Jericho Returning to AEW


Painmaker Chris Jericho Returning to AEW. Throughout the years Chris Jericho has reinvented himself multiple times from Lionheart to The Wizard. In between Chris Jericho invented his new persona in NJPW known as “Painmaker” Chris Jericho. Which is the most sadistic and violent Chris Jericho persona ever. Previously Painmaker Chris Jericho has arrived in AEW for most violent matches. But since his last match he’s been on hiatus.

Last night Chris Jericho appeared on AEW Dynamite to address his upcoming Barbed Wire Everywhere match; against Eddie Kingston at AEW Dynamite special Fyter Fest Week 2 and Chris Jericho said:

 “I stand out here in front of you tonight not as Chris Jericho the sports entertainer, or Chris Jericho the Wizard, but as Chris Jericho the living legend and Eddie Kingston’s superior. I didn’t make you a liar Eddie, but you are a little confused. You challenged me to a barbed wire death match for your friends. 


Being friends with Eddie Kingston is a worse curse than anything Danhausen could conjure up. Ortiz—I shaved his head. Santana—we took him out of Blood & Guts. Bryan Danielson, I took him out and we don’t know when he’s coming back. Ruby Soho has a mangled hand because of you. You need to take better care of your chicks, Eddie.Why barb wire? You’re a mark for Terry Funk and Onita and Sabu. But how many barbed wire matches have you had? Because I won the first ever barbed wire match in Canada at a young age. 

I’m just as sadistic and maniacal as you Eddie Kingston, but you underestimate me because of my accomplishments and movie star good looks. But next week you’re not facing Chris Jericho. You’re facing the Pain Maker. Undefeated in AEW and that’s not a lie. I’m accepting this match because this is it. This is the final fight in the Kingston-Jericho saga. And when I’m done you can crawl back in your hole. 

Deep down you know you will never be at Chris Jericho’s level ever. If you want blood, Eddie Kingston, you’ve got it. You said every drop of blood equals one of my sins…well the only way that could wash away my sins is a tidal wave. If you want blood, you’ve got it. Because like I said, you’re not a liar, you’re a loser.”


By which Chris Jericho has confirmed that The Painmaker Chris Jericho is returning to AEW television to face Eddie Kingston in a Barbed Wire Everywhere match; Next week on AEW Dynamite special Fyter Fest Week 2. 

Painmaker Chris Jericho

Painmaker Chris Jericho Returning to AEW.

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