MJF’s New Faction Name Reveled !

MJF’s New Faction Name Reveled.

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MJF if AEW’s fastest rising and upping comer superstar. He is currently the greatest home grown talent in AEW. Starting his career as sidekick for Cody Rhodes and now joining the inner circle.

Last week Chris Jericho held a war council between the inner circle to determine their strategy. To become once again the greatest fraction in AEW. Jericho wanted to recruit someone in Inner Circle but MJF turned on him and he wanted to kick Jericho out of the group. His plan backfired because Inner Circle’s bond was very strong that MJF could break. So he formed his new stable against Chris Jericho and Inner Circle. The group consists of FTR, Shawn Spears, Tully Blanchard, Wardlow and MJF himself. They attacked Inner Circle viciously and left their mark on AEW Television. 

Next week’s AEW special Dynamite show St. Patrick Slam will be a pre taped Dynamite show. So as a result AEW’s biggest enemy reddit user Spaceforce1 revealed multiple spoilers for next week’s show. He also revealed that what will be MJF’s New Faction Name and he stated that :

MJF hits the ring with his new crew. He christens the group “The Pinnacle” and hypes each member, including calling FTR. The only grand slam tag champions in wrestling history and the best tag team in the world.


That means MJF’s New Faction’s Name will be “The Pinnacle” which means the top of the mountain.

MJF’s New Faction Name Reveled

MJF's New Faction Name

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