Miro is trying to bring Lana in AEW

Miro is trying to bring Lana in AEW. AEW Wrestler Miro and former WWE superstar Lana are a real life couple. They got married in 2016. After that their WWE career never really took off and they got stuck in the lower card of WWE. WWE thought they wouldn’t have any profit from Miro and Lana. That’s why they released both of them from their company.

After his release Miro joined AEW and now he is the TNT champion of the company. During last week’s Dynamite show; Miro cut a promo in which he said: He has a beautiful wife and he wants to thank god for that. Face was a notable thing because he mentioned his wife on this week’s Dynamite show for the first time after her WWV release. Wrestling observer Dave Meltzer discussed this situation on his recent wrestling observer podcast. Saying that Miro is trying to get Lana in AEW. He said :

“Rusev was trying to get her in, you could tell from that promo he’s trying to get her in. You know, more power to him, they had a great act.”

This could be true because Miro has a permanent position in AEW and he can demand AEW to sign his wife to their company. But the final decision depends on Tony Khan and AEW officials. Do they really want to sign CJ Perry (Lana) to their company ? 

Miro is trying to bring Lana in AEW
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Miro is trying to bring Lana in AEW.

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