Mike Tyson has joined The Inner Circle

Mike Tyson has joined The Inner Circle. Mike Tyson is a really popular face in the modern entertainment industry. He is one of the best boxers and as of now he is appearing on AEW Dynamite show. He has aligned himself with Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle. And last week on Dynamite show he attacked The Pinnacle to save Chris Jericho.

This week he was the special guest enforcer for a match between Chris Jericho and Dax Harwood. To take care of any shenanigans that happens in this match. He made sure that this match would be fair and square competition between these two wrestlers. As a result Chris Jericho defeated Dax Harwood in the match. In the end The Pinnacle tried to attack The Inner Circle but they couldn’t do it due to the presence of Mike Tyson. The end Chris Jericho took the mic and declared that “From now on Mike Tyson has Joined The Inner Circle”

This is huge news even as a kayfabe. That Tyson has joined the Inner Circle. That means he is going to stick around for this role for quite some time. So now we will have to see what Mike Tyson does after joining The Inner Circle.

Mike Tyson has joined The Inner Circle
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Tyson has joined The Inner Circle

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