Lio Rush current status with AEW company

Lio Rush current status with AEW company. Lio Rush currently is one of the best high flyers and cruiserweight wrestlers in the wrestling industry. He can move very fast and within a blink of an eye he can do the things that no one ever could do.

Recently AEW had one of the biggest pay per views Double or Nothing 2021 on 30th May 2021. The pay per view had a casino Battle Royale match and there was a mystery entrance in the match as a joker card. He was none other than Lio Rush who made his AEW debut as a joker card in a casino Battle Royale match. He managed to do well in the match but finally he got eliminated by Matt Hardy. Tony Khan discussed his current situation with AEW in a post pay per view media scrum. He said :

“I haven’t got pen to paper but Lio and I have a handshake where he can work here and New Japan. He wanted to keep working here and I think we’ve worked something good out on a handshake. I think he has a handshake with New Japan too and that’s what we’ve been doing and it’s been pretty good. I think it’s a good way to work. So far, so good.”

With this statement Tony Khan has revealed that Lio Rush is currently working for AEW company over a handshake deal. Because he wanted to work for other wrestling companies too and that’s why he has not signed a contract with AEW. If it is possible then he can work for other wrestling companies even while he is under contract with AEW. But as of now he is working over a handshake deal with AEW. That’s why his future is unknown. Will he join the promotion or not ?

Lio Rush current status with AEW company
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Lio Rush current status with AEW company.

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