Latest on Tessa Blanchard coming to AEW

Latest on Tessa Blanchard coming to AEW. Tessa Blanchard is an American professional wrestler. On November 20, 2019, Blanchard confirmed her engagement to fellow wrestler Miguel Olivo, better known by the ring name Daga. The couple married in August 2020 and resides in Mexico.

Currently Tessa Blanchard is not signed with any company. She is a free agent with her husband Daga. Few days ago news broke from wrestling news source ScScoops. There is a backstage conversation in AEW and Blanchard about bringing her into the company with her husband Daga. Recent lead wrestling observer Dave meltzer have also talked on this story saying :

“I do have to make mention before we go that AEW is not negotiating with Tessa Blanchard. I know people keep asking me about this, and in fact there is nothing to it, so that’s the deal.”

Latest on Tessa Blanchard coming to AEW

This new report is confusing that AEW never had talks with Blanchard to bring her in AEW. Tessa Blanchard her bad attitude and temper. Because before in her career she had made a lot of mistakes. Saying negative words about racism and having a bad attitude behind the curtains. Now she is grown and she’s matured. So there is a possibility that she might behave well in any new company that she joins.

Latest on Tessa Blanchard coming to AEW
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