Kenny Omega’s Match set for next week’s Impact show

Kenny Omega’s Match set for next week’s Impact show. Due to the current partnership between Impact Wrestling and AEW partnership. There are multiple listeners who are jumping from AEW to Impact Wrestling and Impact Wrestling to AEW. One of them is Kenny Omega who’s currently working on Impact wrestling in his feud against Rich Swann.

This week on Impact Wrestling Don Callis was manipulating Willy Mack to leave Rich Swann’s side and join them. Rich Swann jumped in this conversation and while talking to Don Callis. He ultimately challenged Don Callis for a match. Callis gave him 10 minutes and in that 10 minutes Don Callis will not be any official of Impact Wrestling. So Rich Swann can do anything in that 10 minutes. That’s why Rich wanted to attack Don Callis but Kenny Omega jumped from behind and he attacked Rich Swann.

Eddie Edwards also joined this brawl and due to this Kenny Omega and Good Brothers ran away. This led to a 6 man tag team match between Kenny Omega, Good Brothers and Rich Swann, Willy Mack and Eddie Edwards. Next week on Impact Wrestling.

This might be a great chance for Impact Wrestling to increase their viewership. So we will have to see if this helps them in viewership or not.

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Kenny Omega’s Match set for next week’s Impact show.

Kenny Omega's Match set for next week's Impact show

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