Kenny Omega spoiled Impact Wrestling’s Main Event

Kenny Omega spoiled Impact Wrestling’s Main Event. Due to the current and ongoing partnership between Impact Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling. Impact Wrestling wrestlers Good Brothers are appearing on AEW. And AEW wrestlers such as Kenny Omega are appearing on Impact Wrestling. He is also Impact Wrestling’s World Heavyweight Champion.

Recently Impact Wrestling held a match to find out the number one contender for Kenny Omega’s Impact World Championship. Moose won the match and he became number 1 Contender but Sami Callihan was in that match too; Who was taken out by the Good Brothers. That’s why Sami Callihan demanded a match against Moose; With Impact Wrestling’s World title number one contendership on the line; if Sami Callihan defeats Moose; then he will be added in the Kenny Omega Vs Moose match and the match will become a Triple threat match.

The match was scheduled for this week’s Impact Wrestling show and both Sami Callihan and Moose were fighting from their hearts. Surprisingly the finish of the match was interesting because when Sami Callihan was looking to finish the match; Good Brothers and Kenny Omega interfered in the match and attacked both Moose and Sami Callihan. As a result, the match ended in a draw.

Impact Wrestling’s official Scott D’Amore talked about the finish of the match with Don Callis; and he proposed the idea of making the Championship match a 3 way match. As a result next week both Impact Wrestling’s officials and AEW’s officials; Scott D’Amore, Don Callis and Tony Khan will have a summit on Impact Wrestling. To decide whether the championship match should be a 3 way match or not.

Kenny Omega spoiled Impact Wrestling's Main Event.
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Kenny Omega spoiled Impact Wrestling’s Main Event.

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