Kenny Omega going through multiple injuries

Kenny Omega thinking of retiring from wrestling ! Kenny Omega is one of the world’s greatest wrestlers who is most famous for his greatest wrestling matches and iconic in ring work. Currently he is holding multiple world championships of different promotions while being under contract with AEW. As of now he is AEW, Impact and AAA Lucha Libre world heavyweight champion.

Being world champion for three different promotions has already put a lot of pressure on Kenny Omega. And he has to be on the road; all the time to be in all these 3 promotions to defend the world championships. Consistent workload and delivering the greatest matches night after night surely impacted his body. While talking on his latest wrestling observer podcast; Dave Meltzer discussed Kenny Omega’s current situation. While talking he revealed that Kenny Omega is going through multiple minor injuries; and a hell of a pain in his body. He said: 

“Omega is hurting pretty badly at the moment. He sliced his hand at Double Or Nothing after hitting PAC with the AEW World Championship and he required seven stitches. He also has a deep bone bruise close to his tailbone and an athletic hernia alongside the usual wear and tear on his knees. On top of all of that, Omega has also been ill this week with a stomach virus. With all of his problems, Omega admitted during the AEW Double Or Nothing FanFest that he wakes up sometimes and thinks retirement isn’t too far away.”

With this Dave Meltzer revealed that Kenny Omega is going through a lot of injuries; and at a time he is hurt badly. These injuries may be minor injuries but they are clearly showing the effects; on Kenny Omega’s body and affected his wrestling ability.

Kenny Omega injuries. Kenny Omega going through multiple injuries.
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Kenny Omega going through multiple injuries.

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