Jon Moxley Vs Kenta – Results : NJPW Strong

Jon Moxley Vs Kenta – Results : NJPW Strong.

Jon Moxley’s AEW contract allowed him to go to NJPW and wrestle for them. Moxley always wanted to go to NJPW to wrestle there. So when he had a chance he went there and became their NJPW IWGP United States Champion. Due to the pandemic he was unable to go at NJPW to defend his Championship. As a result Kenta, Who was the number one contender for IWGP United States Championship. Came to the USA to wrestle a match against Jon moxley.

Today on February 26 2021. Finally the long awaited match between Kenta and Jon Moxley took place at NJPW Strong. It’s NJPW’s show in The United States. When the bell rang both the restless started to be down each other like hell. Surprisingly Kenta had The upper hand since the start of the match. Moxley took a hell of a beating and once he was also put through the table.

In the end, finally Jon Moxley made his comeback in the match. He planted Kenta with his finisher The Paradigm shift for the three count.

Jon Moxley defeated Kenta for his IWGP United States Championship.

Jon Moxley Vs Kenta – Results : NJPW Strong.

Jon Moxley Vs Kenta

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