Jon Moxley Reacts on Brodie Lee Passing Away

Jon Moxley Reacts on Lee. As we know the recent news of wrestling world. That news is passing of the most entertaining & enthusiastic person who is Brodie Lee. He passed at the age of 41 due to lung related disease. Everybody in this world are sharing very emotional & memories with him. Jon Moxley is one of them. Brodie Lee and Jon Moxley are well known before they are debuting in WWE. From WWE to AEW they had a great journey together.

Jon Moxley’s reaction to Brodie Lee’s sudden death :

Jon Moxley and Brodie Lee have travelled most of the times together for the matches. They both are former alumini of CZW and Dragon Gate USA, and they are again coming up together in WWE world.Sport illustrated had gave chance to talk John Moxley on the passing of Brodie Lee.He still didn’t believe on this news and shared a some beautiful memories.

It doesn’t feel really. It feels like I’m in a very vivid dream, and I’m waiting to snap out of it. My brain hasn’t accepted it yet. Right now, I’m completely f—— numb.”

Moxley also told the story involving their participation at WrestleMania 31’s ladder match for the intercontinental Title. In that match there are another wrestlers that are Danial Bryan, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Stardust, and R-Truth as well.For get the highlight of the match how they both are wanted to be part of it and they planned a spot together that get a attenention of the people.

Moxley later said :

” I’m grateful I got to spend so much time with him, from the time we first met on the indies. I’ll always picture him with that smile on his face. I still can’t wrap my brain around this. I don’t understand why the best people are the ones taken away so early.”

At the end of the interview Moxley talked the great memories and he is really missing Brodie. He also said that Brodie was the perfect person that everybody deserves in locker room. As a tribute we send our condolences to Lee’s wife and children,along with his friends and co-workers.

” The first night we wrestled each other, we shared a hotel room together later that night. That was over a decade ago. He was an incredible person. While so many of us would be all hot about some wrestling angle, he would find a way to turn negatives into a positive or an inside joke. He was the exact person you wanted in the locker room. I was so glad to be around him again in AEW. “

Jon Moxley's reaction to Brodie Lee's death

Jon Moxley Reacts on Brodie Lee Passing Away

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