Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston Vs Young Bucks Full Match

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston Vs Young Bucks Full Match. Moxley and Kingston jump started the match and charged at the Bucks! They brawled with the Bucks outside the ring. Kingston decked Brandon Cutler and then Mox nearly decapitated Cutler with a lariat! The momentum shifted as the Bucks began to utilize their elite level tandem offense on the challengers. Matt Jackson chopped at the back leg of Kingston and took him down with a leg sweep. Nick Jackson tagged in, but Kingston caught him with an exploder suplex! Kingston tagged Moxley, who then cleaned house on the Bucks! Mox spiked Matt Jackson with a piledriver. Mox went for the bulldog choke on Matt but Nick Jackson superkicked Mox to save his brother.

The Good Brothers came down to ringside but Frankie Kazarian, “the Elite Hunter”, saw enough and ran them off! The Bucks nailed Mox with the Indy Taker on the ramp! Mox kicked out of a senton from Nick Jackson. The Young Bucks swarmed Moxley with lefts and rights to the lacerated forehead. Mox fired up with a burst of adrenaline and double suplexed the Bucks! Kingston tagged in and dropped the Bucks with big time strikes! He DDT’ed Matt Jackson and then booted Nick Jackson! Kingston used machine gun chops to Matt Jackson but Nick Jackson superkicked Kingston to the back of the knee.

Nick Jackson flew off the top rope with a senton, but Kingston lifted up his knees in the nick of time! Moxley tagged in but the Bucks superkicked him! They were looking for More Bang for Your Buck, but Moxley countered with a sleeper on Matt Jackson! Nick broke it up with a 450 splash on Moxley, but Moxley kicked out. Kingston hoisted up Matt Jackson and Mox jumped from the top rope with the Doomsday Device. Mox attempted a Paradigm Shift, but Nick Jackson countered and applied the sharpshooter. Kingston broke it up and then Mox hit the King Kong lariat and the Paradigm Shift on Nick Jackson.

Mox tried for the pin, but Matt Jackson broke it up, saving his brother from defeat. Mox headbutted Nick Jackson repeatedly. The Bucks blasted Moxley with superkicks, but Mox popped right out of that superkick party. The Bucks used four consecutive BTE Triggers on Mox and finally scored the pin on him, allowing them to retain the championships. What a spectacular match!

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston Vs Young Bucks Full Match
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Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston Vs Young Bucks Full Match

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