Jim Ross received death threats for calling WWE Dynamite

Jim Ross received death threats for calling WWE Dynamite. Jim Ross is one of the greatest wrestling commentators. Who is responsible for putting over Mega matches, iconic segments and great superstars. We know that even great people can make mistakes on their job and Jim also had made one mistake while doing his job.

On the last episode of AEW Dynamite in the pandemic era Jim Ross accidentally said WWE Dynamite instead of AEW Dynamite. Fans noticed this mistake and Jim Ross too that’s why he went on to apologize to fans over his mistake. But recently Jim Ross spoke about this situation on his GrillingGR procast and he revealed; How he received death threats over his mistake. He said:

“I don’t know much more I can say when I address it. I made a mistake, it was inadvertent and I’m very sorry I did it obviously, it’s embarrassing. All of a sudden out of that one or two second bite, here’s what comes out of that for some wrestling fans and I say some wrestling fans because I’m still a devotee of our business, I have great respect for the fans. They have supported my efforts undeniably for years, through Jan’s death, leaving WWE. Whatever it may be, they’ve always stood fast. I think the criticism I’ve received has been from a vast minority of defiant young males and some females who ascertain these points.”

(Jim Ross received death threats for calling WWE Dynamite)

“(People said) I’ve had a stroke, by the way I’ve never had a stroke but that’s been diagnosed on the internet from my faupaux, I’ve had a stroke. I’ve had a battle with Bell’s Palsy, I’ve actually had three bouts with Bell’s Palsy. That I have onset dementia, which wouldn’t surprise me, it’s going to happen to everybody some ways or another. But man I got everything on that thing from people wanting me to die. Here’s what’s sad about that deal, it’s not about my mispronouncing, this is a much bigger issue in my opinion. That’s all this is folks, my opinion. It’s the flavor of the country right now, it’s just where we are and it’s sad, I don’t even know what you call it, the cancel culture. It was a little rugged. The thing about it is people misquote information, without any thought, there’s no consciousness involved. It’s not the fact that I might get this right if I say JR has onset dementia, but then what if you’re wrong? How do you pull that back in? Well, it’s out there so you don’t pull it back in.”

This is a rude thing to do for any fan because threatening someone for making such a silly mistake is just ridiculous. Fans don’t have to do such types of things because they need to understand that everyone makes mistakes; Jim Ross accepted his mistake and this needs huge courage.

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