Ivelisse might not be returning to AEW anytime soon

Ivelisse might not be returning to AEW anytime soon. Ivelisse is a really great professional wrestler and she has a lot of talent. She had made a name for herself in the independent wrestling circuit and that brought har into All Elite Wrestling. She joined All Elite Wrestling in late 2019 and she has won the first ever All Elite Wrestling women’s Tag Team Cup alongside Diamante.

Recently there was controversy surrounding her that she had a beef with AEW’s coach. And due to this she was not on AEW television. Now it has been nearly four to six months that she is off television but recently she tweeted a tweet saying that history repeats itself. The words that Ivelasse tweeted were like following words :

“History repeats itself unfortunately. I speak up about mistreatment and get let go. That’s life.”

As of now she has taken down this tweet. But via this tweet she has revealed that she had let go by All Elite Wrestling. That means she is either fired from All Elite Wrestling or she will not be returning to All Elite Wrestling anytime soon. This might be due to her bad behaviour and attitude that led All Elite wrestling to separate their way from her path. Ivelisse said that she has spoken about the miss statement so this might be on any AEW coach. That report says due to which she was not on television.

Ivelisse is such a great talent and she had a natural carisma to get audience attention. But this is not the first time that she has been released from any company due to the bad behaviour. There are many incidents like this one such in WWE and another one in Lucha libre underground. If she carries this type of behaviour then her wrestling career might be in jeopardy. But we hope she gets over this bad behaviour.

Ivelisse might not be returning to AEW anytime soon.
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Ivelisse might not be returning to AEW anytime soon.

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