Frankie Kazarian reveals his father passed away

Frankie Kazarian reveals his father passed away. In past few weeks we have seen that Frankie Kazarian’s Tag Team SCU has broken Because of Young Bucks and now he is all alone in AEW by himself.

He was sad after his match last week and this week also on Dynamite show Frankie Kazarian was sad. It felt like he is sad because the breakup of his Tag Team but he revealed the real reason behind his loneliness and sadness. He wrote the following message on his Twitter handle saying that his father has just passed away. He wrote :

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who reached out to me. I am beyond overwhelmed with the kindness, stories and love you all shared. Though I could not respond to everyone, know that I have personally read EVERY single message. My love to you all. 🥃 

Frankie Kazarian reveals his father passed away

With this Frankie Kazarian also wrote an emotional massage about his father in his memories. He wrote: If you’ve ever watched and enjoyed any match of mine, please read. This is immensely important to me. Thank you. The older we get the more we have to leave behind. Thats life. I’ve lost so much this week. Today, this afternoon, my dad Frank, passed away.

The immense pain, sadness, emptiness and despair I feel is overwhelming. Anyone that has lost a loved one, especially a parent, can relate. My heart is broken, but I am flushed with so many absolutely amazing memories of my dad. I learned so very many life lessons from him. His life, while not an easy one at all, was lived on his terms. He was tough. Tenacious. Smart. Stubborn. Kind and honest. I’d like to think these attributes, along with so many more wonderful traits, were passed down to me.

He was my biggest fan. From painting my face like the Ultimate Warrior before taking me to a show, to helping me cut out pictures in magazines of my favorite wrestlers, to reminiscing about his favorites as a kid growing up, he was there every step of the way with my love of pro wrestling. I’m so blessed he was able to attend so many of my events, and meet so many of my friends and co workers in the industry.

He also wrote –

He even got to have dinner with my trainer Killer Kowalski. A memory even more special now. He loved going to the matches. He also loved rock n roll and the Rolling Stones. We bonded a lot over music. He loved his family and was so proud of my sister and I. He adored my wife Tracy and my son Rebel. My father and my mom were together for 54 glorious years. Their love and bond is and was a thing of absolute beauty. He was a great husband and a great dad.

I am a very lucky guy to have had all the time I did with him, and I cherish every second. I will miss playing dominos, and our chats about life out back having a cigar and a whisky, listening to rock n roll, country western and oldies, I will miss him. So very much. I’m crushed, but take solace in the life he lived, and the time I got to spend with him. Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and they don’t come anymore special than mine. I love you dad. So much.

Frankie Kazarian reveals his father passed away
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Frankie Kazarian reveals his father passed away.

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