Chris Jericho Mentioned on WWE SmackDown

Chris Jericho Mentioned on WWE SmackDown. Chris Jericho is a once in a lifetime talent who wrestled for nearly all the wrestling companies in the world. Mainly he made his name WWE as he stayed with the company for nearly two decades. Finally Jericho went out of his comfort zone and left WWE by promising Vince McMahon that he will never compete against him. Jericho made this promise thinking that he would only wrestle for NJPW.

Then AEW came into the business and Jericho broke his promise he made to Vince McMahon that he would never compete against him and Jericho joined AEW. Who was the direct competition for WWE. Chris Jericho broke his promise so as a result Vince McMahon was very furious at Chris Jericho. That’s why Vince decided to completely erase Chris Jericho from WWE. So he would never clearly mentioned WWE television since he left the company.

WWE SmackDown –

This week on WWE SmackDown. WWE had one backstage segment between Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan and Cesaro. They were making strategy for their upcoming Tag Team match in the main event. So while speaking Bryan and Cesaro said that they will never trust Owens.

They also named the wrestlers that Kevin Owens betrayed earlier in his career. They said he had betrayed Kofi Kingston when he joined Kofi as a member of their group New Day. Bryan and Cesaro also reminded Owens that he has betrayed his own best friend Sami Zayn on various occasions. Daniel Bryan went on to say that :

There is one more name Kevin Owens has betrayed in his career but he can’t remember the name of that wrestler. Probably he should have made the list.

Dainel Bryan

This was the direct reference to Chris Jericho. As Bryan mentioned the wrestler Owens betrayed and the list which was the part of Chris Jericho gimmick in WWE. Jericho also tweeted on this segment saying :

Hey wait a minute…..

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho Mentioned on WWE SmackDown

Chris Jericho Mentioned on WWE SmackDown

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