Brodie Lee Jr is All Elite (AEW Signed Brodie Lee Jr)

As we know that there are many important decision has been taken from AEW. Since the unexpected death of Brodie LEE all wrestling world is giving the strength to his in his own way. The AEW is also gonna make the the Tribute show to Brodie. This announcement is done by The owner of AEW company Mr. Tony Khan.

As his wife has announced his husbands death news on her Instagram post. The AEW’S Executive Vice President Matt Jackson who replies and told her, “You’re our family forever. We love you.” On this we can imagine that how AEW cares about their roasters. They post ponded their special event “New Year’s Smash” to 6 January to 13 January. This is a big and important decision taken by AEW. The all roaster’s are excited to give tribute to a amazing person Mr. Brodie Lee. On this show Brodie’s family is also invited.

Brodie Lee Jr is All Elite

Jr. Brodie loved watching his father wrestle. In this AEW’s professional sports commentator and podcaster Mr. Tony Schiavone has reveled that AEW is going to add Brodie’s eight year old son into his roaster. Brodie’s wife also says that how he loves the pro wrestling match like his father. After “New Year’s Smash” the Jr. Brodie is going to appear on the ring and Kenny Omega submitted to crown Lee Jr as the new AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

” Knowing Brodie was very sick and it was the holidays and knowing it was going to be very difficult for him to ‘kick out,’ [AEW] brought little Brodie to TV and wrestling is his life. They made him a member of the Dark Order, they put a mask on him, he came out with a kendo stick and beat up a lot of people. They signed him to a contract, legitimately signed him to a contract. When he gets of age, he’ll be with AEW. They have taken care of him. He follows guys around in the back and becomes part of us. He gets involved with the guys, sits in Gorilla position, comes out with the mask and does some crazy things. The roster loved Brodie and we are family.”

This Wednesday night AEW is going to give honor to Brodie Lee. Everybody is going to stop tears from their eyes but that’s no use. Every wrestler is missing that champion vary much. We hope that Jr Brodie will make a history one day like his father…!!!

Brodie lee jr

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