Britt Baker wants Adam Cole in AEW

Britt Baker wants Adam Cole in AEW. Adam Cole is WWE’s one of the most popular wrestlers on their NXT brand. There he is involved in a top feud against his former friend Kyle O’Reilly.

Even though Adam Cole is WWE’s top star. He is in a relationship with AEW’s one of the best women’s wrestlers Dr Britt Baker. They have been in a relationship for almost six years now and even though they work for different companies. They still manage to live together.

In her recent interview with Renee Paquette. Dr Britt Baker talked on this topic and shared her thoughts on her relationship while working for different companies. She said :

“And it’s no secret, he comes to AEW sometimes and hangs out in the back. His best friends are the Bucks and Kenny, so he’s got tons of tons of friends there. I know this is gonna create probably a little bit of controversy, but I would love to work in the same company one day. I think that would make things a little bit easier. With that being said, I’m probably never leaving AEW because that’s my home.”

Britt Baker

She wants to work with Adam Cole in the same company but she never wants to leave AEW. That means she is indirectly inviting Adam Cole to AEW and she hopes one day Adam Cole will join his old friends Bucks and Omega in AEW company.

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Britt Baker wants Adam Cole in AEW.

Britt Baker wants Adam Cole in AEW

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