AEW Wrestler Injured on Dynamite show’s main event

AEW Wrestler Injured on Dynamite show’s main event. This week’s AEW Dynamite show was a fully loaded Dynamite show. Starting with a great match between Kenny Omega and Matt Sydal. Mid-ways with a great 6 man tag team match between Young Bucks Brandon Cutler and Lucha Bros and Laredo Kid. And finishing with the great TNT championship match between Darby Allin and John Silver.

The main event match was awesome and had a lot of spots in it. During the match, John Silver went to attack Darby Allin at ringside with a huge uppercut. He missed it and he landed over the barricade into the fans. This spot was very dengerous and it felt like John Silver had an injury. Because after this spot throughout the match his struggled to wrestle.

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After the Dynamite show went off air. John Silver took Twitter to address his situation. He said :

Came up short tonight. Shoulder is messed up. Doctor doesn’t think it’s too serious but I will keep everyone updated once I know.

John Silver

That means John Silver really had an injury in that match and he wrestled through the pain.

AEW Wrestler Injured on Dynamite show’s main event.

AEW Wrestler Injured on Dynamite show's main event

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