AEW Viewership Jan 21, 2021 Wednesday night wars

AEW Viewership Jan 21, 2021 is latest AEW Dynamite show. This Dynamite show was AEW’s one of the finest show including Brodie Lee Jr’s Birthday Celebration, Jon Moxley’s Comeback and Inner Circle Face-Off.

Last week AEW Dynamite show scored the big downfall in their ratings scoring 762,000 viewers on TNT Network. This week’s AEW Dynamite show saw increase in numbers as this week’s show gained 12% viewers increase in their viewership. This week’s show scored overall viewership of 854,000 with 92,000 viewers increase.

As far WWE NXT goes, Last week’s WWE NXT show drew their one of the record low viewership scoring just 551,000 viewers all across USA Network the show was very disappointing. But this week WWE NXT show also saw increase in their ratings increase numbers by 17% as of their last week’s show viewership. This week’s WWE NXT show scored 659,000 viewers with increase of atleast 108,000 viewers.

As a result of this we can say this week AEW Dynamite defeated WWE NXT in overall ratings.

The 18-49 demographic is key victory demographic for AEW in ratings cause AEW Dynamite is still undefeated in 18-49 demo. This week both show had average viewership in their 18-49 demo. AEW Dynamite scored 0.36 and WWE NXT scored 0.15 as a result AEW Dynamite is still undefeated in 18-49 demo by the hands of WWE NXT.

Brodie Lee Jr Birthday Celebration

AEW Viewership Jan 21, 2021: Wednesday night wash

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