AEW Viewership Dec 30, 2020 “Brodie Lee Tribute Show”

AEW Viewership Dec 30, 2020 “Brodie Lee Tribute Show” . AEW is not only the company who always find profit. They taking take care of their roster like their family. The roasters who doing wrestling in AEW feels very lucky and happy to have company like this. This prodigy is less to describe this whole company and the owner Mr.Tony Khan.

We know that last saturday night the whole wrestling wold is sad by loosing the legend person who’s name was Brodie Lee. When this news is revealed by by his wife the whole wrestling world and their fans came together and shares their beautiful memories with Brodie. He is very hardworking person. The AEW’s owner has decided to give this legend a tribute. So they postponded their show whose name is “New Year’s Smash”. On this decision all are happy to celebrate Brodie’s life.

This tribute show has done yesterday night. This show is liked by fans and the wrestler’s too. As the report of Pro wrestling torch reports that AEW gained the 23.5 % viewers and had almost 1 million viewers for the celebration of life of Brodie Lee. They twitted the real count of viewers that is 977,000. They also earned a .40 rating in the 18 – 49 demographic. Along with the viewership of NXT drew 586,000 viewers with a .12 rating in the demographic.

There is always viewership war between the AEW and WWE NXT. Last wednesday night we saw AEW Dynamite draws of 775,000 and NXT brought 698,000 viewers. They gain almost 17.4 % viewership. This a very big achievement of AEW. We hope this company do best in his future.

AEW Brodie Lee Jr -1

AEW Viewership Dec 30, 2020 “Brodie Lee Tribute Show”

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