AEW taping a month of content this week

AEW taping a month of content this week. Every time AEW does a live Dynamite show on Wednesday Nights in front of fans in attendance. But sometimes AEW tapes there are some shows like upcoming Dynamite shows, Dark and Dark elevation shows. This is due to the change in TV time of AEW Dynamite.

As of now AEW Dynamite time slot has changed due to the current NBA games playoffs. Because of NBA games AEW Dynamite is moved off Wednesdays and shifted on Friday nights. This will continue until the NBA playoffs end. That’s why in his recent wrestling observer newsletter Dave Meltzer noted that. AEW will be taking a month of content this week. he said :

AEW is taping three weeks’ worth of television this week. That will include Jungle Boy’s AEW World Title shot against Kenny Omega. The current plan is to tape those episodes on Friday and Saturday this week. That will give the roster a few extra days to rest up after Double or Nothing. The company will put all June episodes in the can. The NBA Playoffs might end early and allow them to run on their normal Wednesday night time slot, but there is no way to tell if a series will end early during the NBA Playoffs. 

Which means until NBA playoffs AEW all Dynamite shows will be on Friday nights and all these Dynamite shows will be pre taped Dynamite shows. That’s why it’s more likely that spoilers will come out before these Dynamite shows air on TNT Network on Fridays. But now we have to see how AEW handled this situation.

AEW taping a month of content this week
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AEW taping a month of content this week.

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