AEW invading NJPW huge crossover angle !

AEW invading NJPW huge crossover angle ! AEW is an American professional wrestling company that started in 2019. But the main difference between AEW and WWE was they were ready to do partnerships with other companies. That’s why at first they started to have a partnership with AAA Lucha Libre and then NJPW.

Recently The Forbidden door has opened several times and AEW and NJPW superstars are jumping from company to company. Chris Jericho recently had an interview with the wrestling observer newsletter and in that interview. Chris Jericho talked about potential crossover between AEW and NJPW. He said :

“There’s a couple of matches there that I would love to have. Minoru Suzuki and Jericho. Will Ospreay and Jericho. I think Kenny and myself as a tag team against (Hiroshi Tanahashi) and (Kazuchika) Okada or against Kota Ibushi and Okada. That’s a Tokyo Dome main event. So all of those matches are in the pipeline. I love Japan. I’ve been there 60 times since 1991. And when I was there, gosh, a thousand years ago, January 4th, 2020, I guess Tanahashi, I had one of my favorite matches I’ve ever had.There’s no reason to not go back other than the fact that we literally can’t right now, unless you want to spend two weeks in a hotel room.”

“Which I’m not going to do, and Jon Moxley is not going to do, and Kenny’s not going to do. So I think when that opens up, that’s the type of invasion angle I think would make some big money. Because New Japan is one of the biggest companies in the world with some legit, legendary mainstream stars. And I just love the concept of AEW invading them in Osaka, Dominion in June, and then doing a Tokyo Dome invasion show, and then coming back to do a Madison Square Garden invasion show in our backyard, or Staples Center, something along those lines. So that’s an invasion that I really could get off on and get behind for sure.”

Is there any chance to have a potential crossover between AEW and NJPW. In which these companies might Invade each other then this will be the biggest crossover event. Since WCW and NJPW Collision in Korea.

AEW invading NJPW huge crossover angle !
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AEW invading NJPW huge crossover angle !

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