AEW in talks with Sony Sports India over TV deal in India ?

AEW in talks with Sony Sports India over TV deal in India? AEW is a used wrestling company after WWE and it also have huge fan following in India after WWE. Since it’s launch in 2019; AEW has grown impressively but it still don’t have any TV deal with Indian TV network. To broadcast their shows in India for Indian fans.

On the other hand WWE has a major TV deal with Sony Sports India to broadcast their WWE programming in India. That’s why one fan asked today Sony Sports India about bringing AEW in India through their television network. Official Sony Sports India Twitter handle replied to this comment via saying:

Hi Jenish! We will have an official update releasing soon.

By which we can guess that they are possibly in talks with AEW to broadcast their weekly TV programming in India through their TV networks. AEW commentator Tony Schiavone also commented on their current situation with Indian TV deal in a past. Saying that TV deals takes a lot more time to be finalized and they are currently in talks with major TV network in India. Hopefully the deal finalized soon and they broadcast their TV shows in India for their Indian wrestling fans. But he never mentioned Sony Sports India network while talking about this deal.

AEW in talks with Sony Sports India over TV deal in India

At this time it’s only the one way speculations that Sony Sports India network is currently in talks with AEW; But nothing is confirmed yet. We will have to see what will be Sony Sports India’s official announcement about broadcasting AEW shows in India. But until then it’s pure speculation that they are in touch with AEW for having a deal.

Sony Sports India is a huge TV network; which broadcast many sports programs in India such as Football,Cricket,WWE, Olympics and other sports. But it’s the main thing to see that will WWE let Sony Sports India to broadcast AEW shows on their network or not. Because one way or another AEW is their rival promotion and they will not let them to be as big as they are. But fans want to see AEW in India via Sony Sports India network and they are asking Sony Sports India to bring AEW in India. You can check out fans demands via following tweets but the response from Sony Sports Network India is the same.

Share your reaction on this. What do you think will Sony Sports India broadcast AEW shows in India or not?

AEW in talks with Sony Sports India over TV deal in India ?
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