AEW hinting New Championship in AEW

AEW hinting New Championship in AEW. Championships are the main thing in professional wrestling for which wrestlers fight each other.  At Double or Nothing 2019; AEW presented their first Championship which was AEW World Heavyweight Championship. After this company has introduced the many championships in AEW. Such as AEW Tag Team Championships; AEW Women’s Championship and AEW TNT Championship.

Recently multiple AEW stars such as Cody Rhodes hinted that: “They might bring a new championship in AEW. Because there are talks about introducing a new championship in AEW.” After Cody Rhodes’s comments AEW is hinting that they’re bringing a new championship in AEW. AEW tweeted the following tweet with emoji eyes.

This might be indications and hints that AEW will introduce new championships in AEW. And not only this but also AEW shared the following photo on their Instagram stories.

With this It’s confirmed that AEW is about to introduce new championships in their company; But we will have to see which will be this championship. Most likely it will be the Trios Championship because currently there are multiple trios teams in AEW. Share your thoughts with us. What do you think about this ? Which will be this Championship ?

AEW hinting New Championship in AEW
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AEW hinting New Championship in AEW

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