AEW Games 2.0 Show Delayed In The honor of Brodie

AEW Games 2.0 Show Delayed. Previously AEW had planned the two week’s event name was “New Year’s Smash”. And another AEW games 2.0 are also going to debut in this event on the YouTube channel. But from this Saturday night everything is changed. Due to passing of Brodie Lee the AEW decided to take some important decision.

This Wednesday Night the whole AEW is going to give tribute to Brodie Lee. The owner of AEW company is decided to post pond the “New Year’s Smash” from 6 January to 13 January 2021. He decides to turn this this Wednesday’s live episode of Dynamite into a tribute show for Brodie Lee. On this we can say hoe the AEW is taking care of their roasters. He shared this announcement on their twitter account.

Due to this AEW games has also announced to delay these debut event till 6 January. As we know the AEW is going to launch their Mobile and console game. This is gonna be a exciting news for the AEW fans and their roaster also. This news is published by AEW referee and AEW game producer Aubrey Edwards confirmed this news on Twitter She says that “Wednesday is for Brodie. Game stuff can wait. Thanks for your understanding, everybody.”

She says that this Wednesday is only Lee’s day. And she knows the this is not right time to show the video games it wouldn’t right anymore. So AEW games also decided to launch the games on 6 January. She also thanked all the fans for supporting them and understanding them. There is humbleness in her message.

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