AEW New Game : Take a Sneak Peak

AEW is gonna launch their new video games. Some rumors says , famous video game company “Yuke’s ” are making a console game. In this times a another news has been coming out from AEW itself. That news was AEW is also going to launch another two AEW mobile games. The fans are waiting for these exciting surprises . And Aubrey Edwards was able to give fans a sneak peek of one of them.

Two mobile games is going launch from AEW games. The first is the Casino game has been launching soon , and another is “General Manager Game ” is also announced by AEW’s referee .She has shared a short video on twitter about that game “General Manager Game ” .On that video we can see some sides are blurred and some are top secrets. Aubrey Edwards is also looking excited to taking sneek on that video .

“It’s Brittany bitch” it is shown on the top corner of that app. We can’t say what’s that. That’s not cleared till now. The Nyla Rose who is 2nd ever AEW women champion . She has given the attention on this fact . AEW game is like a bag of Santa Claus . Means it was the full of surprises to fans . Not only fans but also for the AEW roaster too..!! The 2021 is going to be exciting year for AEW fans.

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