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AEW Dynamite Results October 25, 2023


AEW Dynamite Results October 25, 2023. TBS broadcast episode number 212 of AEW Dynamite today, October 25 , live from the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, PA.

MJF is interviewed by Renee Paquette backstage. MJF calls Adam Cole on the phone to ask about his surgery, but is interrupted by the screams of Roderick Strong who arrives next to The Kingdom.

Roderick accuses MJF of being the man behind the devil’s mask, but for the sake of his friend Adam, he will pretend not to and offer to help him tonight. MJF pushes him to roll away in his wheelchair.


MJF sends a message to Juice Robinson. “I have a bullet with your name on it and I’m not going to miss,” Max shouts madly. The broadcast cuts briefly and the masked devil is seen.

Fight for the Dynamite Diamond Ring: Juice Robinson vs. MJF

MJF throws his jacket at Juice and knocks him down at the beginning of the fight, starting very aggressively. Max throws Juice into the barricades and over the timekeeper’s table. MJF continues to dominate without stopping, punishing Juice against the post with a catapult, causing a cut on his face. MJF places Juice’s mouth on the steps to stomp on him, but is distracted by the Bullet Club Gold, which Robinson takes advantage of to escape and counterattack. Jay White joins the commentary table.

Juice chokes MJF when the referee doesn’t see it, he looks for the count but it’s not enough. MJF uses his scarf now to choke Juice, while the referee is distracted by the Gunns. MJF continues to attack with fervor, slamming Juice’s face into the corner guard and throwing punches non-stop. Kangaroo Kick and the arena cheers for Max. MJF prepares to fly but the Gunns grab his foot to knock him down, Juice hits a Leg Lariat to look for a count that doesn’t reach three. Juice spits and lands a punch with his left, Powerbomb and counts very close to three.


Robinson avoids the Heatseeker, MJF launches a Tope on the Gunns. MJF traps Juice on the ring apron and hurts his eyes. Juice hits the rope when MJF returns to the ring, causing a low blow that he takes advantage of to continue attacking and looking for the pin. The referee kicks the ropes to prevent the Gunns from entering the ring. Juice puts on his ring, MJF does the same and he is the one who hits the hit. Heatseeker and a three count on Juice.

Winner: MJF .

As soon as the fight ends, The Gunns launch themselves at MJF. Roderick Strong in a wheelchair arrives next to The Kingdom. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett attack The Gunns! Colten and Austin overcome them and take them out of the ring, Jay White arrives to join Bullet Club Gold.

The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass arrive to save MJF! Bullet Club Gold escape. Jay White takes the floor at the entrance and tells MJF to forget everything: Samoa Joe, Kenny Omega, Wardlow, the Devil’s mask, and focus on him, on the championship.


Jay claims that he will destroy it in Full Gear. Colten Gunn makes fun of him not having the title, and challenges him to a match at Full Gear: MJF vs. The Gunns for the ROH Tag Team Championships. Austin Gunn says that it doesn’t matter if MJF or the devil goes, because they have a weapon for each one.

MJF yells at them to shut up. “Do you want a shot at the ROH Couples Championships? You have it.” Additionally, he accepts the challenge of fighting four on four, saying that he will choose three partners for next week on AEW Dynamite. Strong yells at Max and says that he’s obviously going to choose them. “You three do me a favor. Take that chair and throw him off a cliff, b*****,” MJF yells.

MJF addresses Max Caster

 “I never liked you, I don’t like you. I would never team up with you, I would never, not even if I was on fire. Not even if they said so,” says MJF. Caster replies that there is a chance then. Caster asks him for one favor at least: “scissor me!” MJF approaches but closes Caster’s hand, leaving upset.


Kenny Omega runs into MJF before he leaves, on stage. “You have something I want, I have something you have,” Omega says. “Although I have no right to ask, if you are the kind of idiot you say you are, you will laugh in my face and tell me to leave. But if you are their idiot, if you are the champion that deep down I think you want to be “I want that championship, Max. If you’re really better than me and you know it, don’t be afraid to show it, friend,” Omega says.

MJF responds:

 The Cleaner vs. The Devil, this Saturday, for the AEW World Championship at Collision. “May the best win,” MJF closes. “And Kenny, that’s how it will be. Because my name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and I’m better than you,” MJF closes. Kenny also bids farewell to the audience with his phrase, without letting go of MJF’s hand, and whispers “3 days, p****.”

Wardlow talks about how bad he spent the last few months at home, seeing how MJF received people’s support despite everything he said about the company, all the bad things I did. “Max, there is nothing else you can take from me. And now I will take everything from you,” he closes.


The Dark Order (John Silver & Alex Reynolds) vs. Hook & Rob Van Dam

Hook controls Alex and takes over from RVD early in the match. Silver and Reynolds attack Rob from behind to take control. RVD and Hook respond by taking Dark Order out of the ring, Evil Uno approaches the edge of the ring and they also knock him down. Hook doesn’t see the tag between Dark Order and receives a Powerbomb on Alex’s knees. Northern Lights Suplex by Hook to escape and tag Rob. Van Dam attacks with kicks and applies the Rolling Thunder to John, Alex breaks the count.

Hook takes over and stalks John. He lands several blows to the jaw, but Alex stops him with a kick. Evil Uno tries to attack RVD with a chair but he kicks him. Five Star Frog Splash on Alex, who is not the legal man. Silver tries to kick Rob but misses, Hook catches him in the Redrum and takes the victory.

Winners: Hook & Rob Van Dam .

RJ City presents a new silent film from Toni Storm: Hold the butler. Luther participates in the film.

Tony Schiavone welcomes Sting and Darby Allin . Sting thanks Philadelphia, Darby Allin. “I couldn’t have gotten to this moment without Darby, by far the best teammate I ever had,” says The Icon. Sting also thanks Tony Khan for calling him to be part of AEW. Schiavone asks to speak to thank Khan, and says they are proud to be part of Sting’s great career. “35 years ago, on TBS, he put professional wrestling on the map, and I’m so excited to be a part of it. He elevated it to be the icon it is today,” Schiavone says, presenting Tony Khan’s special gift.



Ric Flair comes to the ring and hugs Sting . “They know that in life there are moments that are magical, they are few, and they happen every so often. 35 years ago this gentleman made history on TBS,” says Flair. Ric recognizes Sting as one of the best wrestlers in the business, a star, and one of the nicest guys he knows. Sting and Ric joke, Sting asks for a Chop to the chest and they both laugh.

Christian Cage interrupts the moment, accompanied by Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne.

“So Tony Khan is a billionaire…and this is the gift he gives Sting? Gold chains and a black liver? You can’t even see the strings move. Don’t worry, I know Ric Flair isn’t dead “And I know there is no god, because if there was, Ric would have been dead 20 years ago,” Cage shoots. He adds that the reason he’s here is because Allin and Sting got back into their business. He taunts Darby by asking how his arm is, while he picks on Philadelphia.

Christian says he doesn’t want to wait for Revolution to get Sting to leave, he wants him to do it right now. “There are three of us. You can take Ric Flair as a partner if you want. In Full Gear, get yourself a partner and your retirement will come soon. But it won’t be a celebration, it will be a funeral,” Cage challenges.


Sting takes the microphone and sneezes. “Sorry, I’m allergic to idiots. First of all, we’ll find a partner, second, we accept the challenge. See you there,” Sting replies.

Chris Jericho spoke earlier with Renee Paquette.

He says that more than the Spinebuster and Slams, what hurt him the most about the loss to Powerhouse Hobbs was his ego. Chris says he didn’t see what happened with Hobbs coming. “There comes a point where I wonder if I have to continue, become stronger, confident, know that I am Chris Jericho. It’s time to get revenge. Don Callis has a lot of people in his family, a lot of friends. Jericho has a lot of friends too, and some are bigger than Hobbs. Maybe it’s time to call them,” Chris closes.

Match for the ROH Trios Championships: The Elite (The Young Bucks & Hangman Adam Page) (c) vs. The Hardys & Brother Zay

The Elite take control at the start of the match. Jeff attacks Matt Jackson from the outside, Matt applies a Side Slam and Brother Zay attacks the rest of the champions. Page attacks the Hardys, catches Zay and launches him into a Fallaway Slam before flying into a Plancha on Matt. He catches Zay again and hits a Death Valley Driver. Jeff helps Zay reverse an attack on Page with a DDT. Matt Jackson enters to distribute Superkicks to the challengers.


Brother Zay responds to both Bucks, Jeff applies the Twist of Fate to Matt Jackson without letting go. Zay pushes off Matt to fly over Nick and Page. Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb on Matt, Nick breaks the count just in time. Buckshot Lariat to Zay, Superkicks from the Bucks to the Hardys and BTE Trigger to Zay for the three count.

Winners: The Elite .

On the big screen, Swerve Strickland and Prince Nana are seen breaking into Hangman Page’s house. Nana eats her food, Swerve tears up some drawings on the refrigerator and takes a children’s book. They hear noises, Swerve takes the camera and goes in search of the sound. Strickland stands next to a crib and says that Page owes him something, but he is not there, only Hangman Jr. Swerve leaves a shirt of his in the baby’s crib to remind them that they owe him a debt. Nana insists that they must leave, Swerve turns off the camera.

Adam Copeland is interviewed by Renee Paquette.

Adam says that none of what is happening with Christian Cage is his business, he is still his friend and he doesn’t want to fight him. Darby Allin and Sting interrupt him. Darby says it’s kill or be killed here, Sting adds that he can’t believe they’re having this conversation. “I learned to see through guys like Christian, you have to open your eyes before it’s too late. Do you hear me?” Sting shouts and shakes Adam.


AEW Women’s World Championship Match: HIkaru Shida (c) vs. Ruby Soho

Shida knocks Ruby down with a Crossbody and hits a Slam. Ruby escapes in the corner and takes Shida down with an STO for the count. Shida and Soho spin several times trying for the pin without success. Ruby surprises with a No Future at ringside and takes control. Torture Rack by Shida and Sliding Elbow for a two count. Shida looks for height, Ruby takes her down and looks for the pin. Soho removes a protector from the corner, takes her spray, throws it in the air and pretends as if Shida had sprayed her.

Ruby goes for the championship, she tries to attack Shida but the champion responds with the spray, painting the title by mistake. Soho removes a blindfold and chokes Shida. Destination Unknown and a two count. No Future to Shida, Katana to Ruby, Shida barely covers Soho and misses the win. Shida blocks another No Future, applies Knee Strike and Falcon Arrow. He covers Ruby, who reverses with a pin. Shida shoves her and Soho crashes into the unprotected part of the corner. Katana and count of three over Soho.

Winner: Hikaru Shida .

After the fight, Toni Storm comes out with Luther, but they do not advance towards the ring.


MJF is interviewed by Renee Paquette in the infirmary, but is interrupted by Samoa Joe . “You need people watching your back, looking out for your interests. I have an offer. I can be that guy, I can be your friend,” Joe says. MJF quickly accepts, but Joe tells him that he has one condition: to have a rematch for the AEW World Championship.

A new event will take place on Saturday, December 30: AEW Worlds End. Click Here For More

Blackpool Combat Club (Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli) vs. Kazuchika Okada & Orange Cassidy

Danielson punishes Orange’s arm at the beginning of the match. Claudio takes over, applies Uppercuts and Slam to Orange, who finally takes over to Okada. Claudio and Kazuchika exchange blows in the middle of the ring, Okada applies a Slam and takes over Orange, who enters with an Elbow Drop. The Blackpool Combat Club works together to harm Orange and keep him away from their corner. Orange dodges Claudio twice, causing him to crash into the post and then fall out of the ring. He crawls towards the corner of him, but Castagnoli appears to stop him once again.


Finally, Okada and Danielson take over and begin to face each other to the chants of the audience. Chops from Danielson, forearms from Okada, neither wants to give in. Bryan goes to the kicks, Okada responds with a Back Elbow with great momentum. DDT and two count on Danielson. Bryan connects kicks and closes the Lebelle Lock, Okada escapes and looks for a Rainmaker that Danielson dodges. Lariats clash in the middle of the ring, both are left lying on the canvas. Orange applies Bryan-style kicks on Claudio, looks for a DDT, Claudio tries a Giant Swing. More counterattacks between the two, Orange applies the Stundog Millionaire and a DDT but Bryan breaks the count.

Orange flies over Danielson at ringside and stalks Claudio. He goes for the Orange Punch but Claudio responds with the Giant Swing. Castagnoli transitions into a Scorpion Deathlock, Okada kicks Claudio, who lets go of Orange and advances towards Okada for an Air Raid Crash. Body Slam by Okada and Elbow Drop on Claudio. Dropkick from Okada to Danielson. Orange Punch and Rainmaker for Bryan. Uppercut from Claudio to Okada and Pop Up Uppercut to reverse an Orange Punch and take the victory.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club .

After the fight, medical staff and Blackpool Combat Club help Danielson, who appears to have injured his face. Best Friends come to the ring and face the Blackpool Combat Club.


As AEW Collision went off Air. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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