AEW Dynamite Results 7 April 2021 : Winners and Losers

AEW Dynamite Results 7 April 2021 : Winners and Losers. Finally the last AEW Dynamite in Wednesday Night Wars is over. And here we have all the results for this week’s Dynamite show.

At first before this week’s Dynamite show The Inner Circle made their way back on Dynamite.

Adam Page Vs Max Caster –

This week’s AEW Dynamite show started with a match between Adam Page and Max Caster. Before the match like always Max Caster cut a diss track on Adam Page. That’s why Adam page started to attack both The Acclaimed members. With this early attack advantage Adam page dominated the match for more than once Anthony Bowens interfered in the match. But it did nothing more than pissoff Adam Page. Once Max Caster was about to win the match due to this distraction but finally Adam Page capitalised with buckshot lariat to secure the victory. Winner – Adam Page.

Death Triangle’s Interview :

Next was the Death Triangle’s interview on the Dynamite show. Where Tony Schiavone revealed that next week Death Triangle’s PAC and Rey Fenix. Will face the Young Bucks for The AEW World Tag Team championships. Tony Schiavone wanted to know PAC and Rey Fenix’s thoughts on this match but before they could say anything. Orange Cassidy and Best Friends interrupted them and they said : They haven’t forgotten what Death Triangle dead to them about a year ago. So they wanted to take revenge from The Death Triangle. But PAC said that they are ready to take on the Best Friends but only after they become the world Tag Team champions.

Next Mike Tyson was backstage roaming with AEW crew.

Inner Circle’s segment :

Next was The Inner Circle’s comeback segment on the Dynamite show. Inner Circle came in the ring and Chris Jericho cut a great promo on mic. He said finally The Inner Circle is back and better after kicking out MJF. But MJF had a master plan and he wanted to take out The Inner Circle. So now The Inner Circle challenged MJF and The Pinnacle for a Blood and Guts match on the May 5th 2021 edition of Dynamite show. That means finally the blood and guts match is on on AEW Dynamite.

Christian Cage’s Backstage Interview :

Next Christian Cage was giving a backstage interview with Dasha González. He said he is grateful for his last debut match on the dynamite show against Frankie Kazarian. He was praising Frankie Kazarian for putting up a great fight against Christian but The leader of Team Tazz. Tazz interrupted him and offered Christian Cage a great opportunity to join Team Tazz and he left.

Jurassic Express Vs Bear Country –

Next match on the Dynamite show was Jurassic Express and Bear Country’s tag team match promoted by TNT Network. To promote Warner Brothers movie Godzilla VS Kong. This match was also like Godzilla VS Kong where Jurassic Express was like the Godzillas and Bear Country where like Kongs. The match was one of the great matches by two teams within themselves and it had a lot of great moments and spots in it. It was shocking to see these two teams move Like the cruiserweights. but overall it was a great package of entertainment. Finally Luchasaurous hit Bear Country with a moonsault for the three count. Winners – Jurassic Express.

QT Marshall’s Backstage Segment :

Next was the backstage segment for QT Marshall. Where he spoke how Cody Rhodes treated him when he was with them as a team member. So now he wants redemption against Cody Rhodes as a leader of Nightmare Factory.

Sting’s Interview :

Next was Sting’s Interview on the Dynamite show as Tony Schiavone wanted to ask some questions to Sting. But before he could ask anything Jake Roberts interrupted Tony Schiavone and he said for how many times. They have to tell Sting it’s not his time. Soon Lance Archer came down towards the ring and he said : Every time he went on top of the AEW mountain. But there was someone who was responsible for his downfall. And after this every time he had to start his way on top of from the bottom. That’s why Lance Archer was frustrated because every time he had to earn his shots, While Sting is getting a lot of TV time instead of him.

To this Sting replied and said why don’t Jack Roberts show him the real path of success. The way that he did in his prime so Lance Archer could walk on that path for himself to see on the top of AEW Mountain. So he agrees with Archer that everytime he has to start from scratch and by saying these words Sting leaves the interview.

Team Tazz’s Backstage Segment :

Next was Team Tazz’s backstage interview where it seemed like they were about to argue within themselves again. But Tazz managed to calm down everyone because there are chances that Christian Cage might Join Team Tazz.

Darby Allin Vs JD Drake –

Next match on the show was the TNT championship match between champion Darby Allin and Challenger JD Drake. We don’t know how but this match felt like it’s the filler for the show. JD Drake was awesome in this match and he was reminding us of Walter from WWE. The match was a decent match where Darby Allin took a hell of a beating. Once Ryan Nemeth also tried to interfere in this match but Sting sidelined him. After this Darby Allin took advantage of everything and finally he hit JD Drake with his finisher Coffin Drop to secure the victory. Winner – Darby Allin.

After Match –

After the match Darby Allin was celebrating his victory over JD Drake but out of nowhere HOF attacked Darby Allin. They wanted to hit Darby Allin with the power bomb on the commentary table. But the dark order stopped HOF. HOF left the site but The Bunny caught into The Dark Order’s plan. And Tay Conti viciously attacked The Bunny before Their match.

Chris Jericho Backstage Interview :

After this there was a backstage interview of Chris Jericho but before this interview started The Pinnacle started attacking Chris Jericho. They really had the numbers game because before attacking Jericho they locked the whole Inner Circle in their locker room. Inner circle was trying to get out of it anyway but while this Wardlow set Jericho to powerbomb through the table. Surprisingly Iron Mike Tyson came out and he helped Chris Jericho and he attacked The Pinnacle and cleared the ring. This was surprising because we have seen that when last time these ttwo wear inside a ring. Then they were about to eat each other alive. But now they are on the same page.

Dr Britt Baker Backstage Interview :

Next was the backstage interview of Dr Britt Baker and she was saying that she deserves an AEW Women’s Championship Match. But when Tony Schiavone said that there are more people in line already. So she said she is ready to take down each and every person in her way.

Tay Conti Vs The Bunny –

Next match in the Dynamite show was a singles match by women’s division between Tay Conti and The Bunny. Since the bell rang The Bunny dominated most of the match but when Tay Conti had her come back. Matt Hardy tried to interfere in this match but this plan was backfired on them. But before Tay Conti could capitalise this opportunity the Big Brawl between HOF and The Dark Order started at a ring side. While this Bunny took Hikaru Shida’s Kendo stick from the crowd and she wanted to attack Tay Conti with it. But Shida Stopped her and Conti hit Bunny with hammerlock DDT for the three count. Winner – Tay Conti.

Next was the hype video for the upcoming match between Red Velvet and Jade Cargill.

Jon Moxley and AEW Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks Vs AEW World Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega and Good Brothers.

After that this was the time for the main event. Where Young Bucks and Jon Moxley were facing Kenny Omega and the good brothers. The match was a really good match and it has an emotional touch to it. Because whenever the young bucks and Kenny Omega were face to face in that match. Then both of them hesitated to attack each other because of their friendship. In the closing moments Young Bucks were ready to attack Kenny Omega with BTE Trigger but Matt Jackson couldn’t do it because Kenny Omega is his friend.

That’s why Jon Moxley stepped inside the ring and he nailed Kenny Omega with the three Paradigm shifts. Finally he was choking Kenny Omega to win the match by submission but surprisingly the young bucks superkicked Jon Moxley. Eddie Kingston came to save Jon Moxley but he couldn’t do anything due to his bad leg. Then the Good Brothers attacked Moxley with the magic killer to help Kenny Omega to win this match. Winners – Kenny Omega and Good Brothers.

After Match and Conclusion –

While the good brothers attacked Jon Moxley young bucks were staring at them but they were not doing anything to stop them. This really shows that young books have changed and after the match all the superstars hugged each other and the show went off air.

This was a really great show by All Elite wrestling so now we will have to see what will happen if the young bucks and Jon Moxley came face to face again.

AEW Dynamite Results 7 April 2021 : Winners and Losers.
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AEW Dynamite Results 7 April 2021 : Winners and Losers.

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