AEW Dynamite Results 21 April 2021 : Winner and Losers

AEW Dynamite Results 21 April 2021 : Winner and Losers. This week’s AEW Dynamite show is a regular Dynamite show. Featuring multiple AEW stars such as AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin, Adam Page, AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida. The show had some really great matches as Darby Allin set to take on Jungle Boy for his TNT championship. Women’s championship was also on the line as Hikaru Shida defended her title against Tay Conti. Following are the results and overall review of this week’s AEW Dynamite show. AEW Dynamite Results 21 April 2021 : Winner and Losers :

Adam Page Vs Ricky Starks –

This week’s AEW Dynamite show opened with the singles one on one match between Adam Page and Ricky Starks. It was the great opener for the Dynamite show as the match had really good wrestling and some really good spots. Both superstars were undefeated and they were striving for their victory over their opponent.

From the match started Adam Page had an early advantage as he started to attack Ricky Starks viciously. It was going good but somewhere in the match it felt like Ricky Starks had an ankle injury. Due to this he was not 100% in this match and Adam Page also kicked out of his finisher. Finally Adam Page had Ricky Starks in a position that he wanted and he applied his submission on Ricky Starks to win his first ever match with the submission. Winner – Adam Page.

After Match :

Adam Page won the match but after the match Tazz was furious with the result. He wanted Adam page to listen to him but to when he was talking to Adam Page. His son and Team Tazz’s youngest member Hook attacked Adam Page from behind. This only got worse as Brian Cage also came out here to attack Adam Page. Brian cage was about to hit his finisher on Adam Page but the dark order came out and saved Adam Page. As a result Team Tazz left the ring.

After this in a backstage segment the elite went in their personal trailer.

Trent ? Vs Penta El zero Medio –

The next match on the show was Trent Vs Penta El zero Medio. The best friend wanted to reignite their rivalry with the death triangle that’s why Trent has demanded this match. The match was a really good match and from the bell rang Trent and Penta El zero Medio showed their real talent. There was some rough wrestling in this match because they fought most of the match outside the ring. Penta is always trying to get inside the head of Trent. That’s why he was talking trash to Orange Cassidy who was present at ringside.

When Penta was almost out of this match, Alex Abrahantes took a mic and he said to Trent that “before this match started Penta wanted to convey a message to Trent via Alex Abrahantes. He wanted to tell Trent that he thinks his whole group sucks including he, Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor but most importantly his mother.” Due to this Trent got distracted and he took a Steel Chair and started to chase Alex Abrahantes. But when the referee was trying to stop Trent, Orange Cassidy was behind Alex Abrahantes. He was about to attack Alex but Penta attacked Cassidy from behind. This destruction to the referee gave a chance to Alex Abrahantes to hit Trent with a mic which was in his hand. And then Penta hit the package piledriver for three counts. Winner – Penta El zero Medio.

The Pinnacle backstage sit-down interview –

The match was followed by a backstage sit-down interview with The Pinnacle. Tony Schiavone was hosting this interview and during this interview. He asked MJF what his thoughts on Chris Jericho’s promo on last week’s AEW Dynamite show. In this interview Wardlow addressed Chris Jericho by saying Jericho fears to talk about Wardlow. Whereas MJF said that Chris Jericho thinks that he is the big bull in the wrestling industry. But he has to realise this, it was 20 years ago and now MJF holds that position and he will show why on May 5th at blood & guts.

Hikaru Shida © Vs Tay Conti : AEW women’s championship –

The first championship match on this week’s AEW Dynamite show was the AEW women’s championship. Even though Hikaru Shida and Tay Conti were facing each other, they were still friends and this was a friendly match. But it does not mean that this match has very lackluster moves and sports. Because both these womens have delivered beyond their limits as Tay Conti was trying to apply her Brazilian Jiu jitsu moves on Hikaru Shida but she was preventing it from happening.

Tay Conti was always keeping an eye on Hikaru Shida to block her finisher. With story this match really grabbed the peace and intensity in the end. As both womens were trying to do anything to win this match and the women’s Championship. One time Tay Conti hit her finisher on hikaru Shida but that was not enough to become her the Women’s champion. In the end Hikaru Shida managed to hit Tay Conti with her finisher spinning knee strike for the three count. Winner – Hikaru Shida.

After Match –

After the match Hikaru Shida was celebrating her victory over Tay Conti. But surprisingly Dr Britt Baker showed up and she revealed this week fresh rankings. Where she was on the number one spot and the number one Contender to challenge for Hikaru Shida’s women’s world Championship. It seemed like they might attack each other but Baker left the arena without doing anything.

Miro backstage Segment –

The match was followed by the backstage segment involving Miro and he was still arguing that this week also Kip Sabian hadn’t appeared on Dynamite show. So he gave Kip the final warning that he might start his singles career by leaving him behind.

Inner Circle’s in ring interview –

The backstage segment was followed up by Inner Circle’s in ring interview where they spoke on their current rivalry with The Pinnacle. Each member of the inner circle ripped apart the Pinnacle by the verbal attack. But the main thing in this interview was Chris Jericho wanted the Pinnacle to have the old fashion parley. So he proposed to have this old fashion parley on next week’s Dynamite show prior to their encounter at blood and guts on May 5th.

Billy Gunn Vs QT Marshall –

The interview is followed by the match between Billy Gunn and QT Marshall. Billy Gunn started attacking QT Marshall before this match even started. As a result when they both entered the ring the match automatically started. Billy Gunn was looking in his best shape and he had this match in his hands. Until the referee got distracted and Nick Comoroto attacked him from behind. Via seeing this The Gunn Club jumped the barricade and started attacking Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solow and they went backstage.

Billy Gunn was about to win this match but when he was at ringside and the referee was checking QT Marshall. Anthony Ogogo appeared here and attacked Billy Gunn with the sickening punch in the mid section. It was followed by QT Marshall’s finisher and he pinned Billy Gunn for the three count. Winner – QT Marshall.

After Match –

After the match ended QT Marshall wanted to attack Billy Gunn with a wooden chair. But before he could do that Dustin Rhodes returned and started attacking him. He was about to hit QT Marshall with his own wooden chair but Anthony Ogogo stepped in between Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall. Nick Comoroto was behind Dustin Rhodes and he was about to attack Dustin Rhodes. But Dustin Rhodes reversed this attack and hit Nick Comoroto with the wooden chair. Surprisingly it had no effect on Nick Comoroto but before they started attacking each other referees came down here to stop this brawl.

The Elite backstage segment –

Next was The Elite backstage talking from their personal trailer. The Young Bucks were saying that this company exists due to The Young Bucks so this company has to treat them as its creator. But they didn’t so now they will pay for it.

This all was in sarcastic way but well Kenny Omega was too serious to tell something. A truck was blowing horn loudly outside the trailer. Good Brothers went on to check what was happening. And they found that Jon Moxley is in the truck with Eddie Kingston who was about to drive this truck over The Elite’s trailer. They did that but when they entered The trailer to attack The Elite there was no one inside. So Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston just left the arena.

Christian Cage Vs Powerhouse Hobbs –

Next was Christian Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs who were facing each other on the Dynamite show. Last week Hobbs has attacked Christian Cage so this week this match was booked to have Christian Cage his revenge. Surprisingly as the match started Christian Cage had no part of it and Hobbs was attacking Christian Cage viciously.

Powerhouse Hobbs dominated the match straight from the beginning to the end and Christian Cage couldn’t do anything. In between he tried to fight back but after sometime he was getting knocked down by Powerhouse Hobbs. Finally Powerhouse Hobbs was about to hit Christian Cage with his finisher but Christian Cage reversed it into his own. And planted Powerhouse Hobbs with his finisher killswitch for the three count. Winner – Christian Cage.

Jade Cargill hype video –

After this there was a video package for Jade Cargill who was talking about being recruited as any AEW manager’s client. But she wanted a fair share so she will wait until she gets it.

 AEW Confirmed Next week’s matches check out here 👈🏻

Darby Allin © Vs Jungle Boy : TNT Championship –

Finally it was time for the main event where Darby Allin was defending his TNT Championship against Challenger Jungle Boy. Both are AEW’s youngest talents and both know each other very well. So this match was worth watching straight from the beginning. From the start Jungle Boy had advantage in this match and he was ducking every move by Darby Allin.

Finally somehow Darby Allin managed to stop Jungle Boy by hitting him with his finisher coffin drop on the apron. Jungle Boy was slowed down by this but Luchasaurus helped to get back in the ring due to this sting and went on to confront Luchasaurus. Where they had a broad and both went backstage while attacking each other. Match was continuing in the range and surprisingly Darby Allin picked up the victory by kids signature roller pin on Jungle Boy. Winner – Darby Allin.

After Match – 

After the match Darby Allin and Jungle Boy both had respect for each other. But Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky entered the ring and started attacking both Jungle Boy and Darby Allin. Archer came to stop this but they managed to hit Lance Archer with a double low blow. So finally sting came out and by watching sting walking down towards the ring Scorpio sky and Ethan Page left the ring and ran away. Dynamite so went off air as Scorpio sky and Ethan Page were staring at Sting and Sting staring at them.

This week’s Dynamite show was another great Dynamite show by All Elite Wrestling. And you share your thoughts with us about what you think about this week’s Dynamite show.

AEW Dynamite Results 21 April 2021 : Winner and Losers
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AEW Dynamite Results 21 April 2021 : Winner and Losers

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