AEW Dynamite Results 14 April 2021 : Winners and Losers

AEW Dynamite Results 14 April 2021 : Winners and Losers. This week’s AEW Dynamite show is a regular AEW Dynamite show. Here are all the results for this week’s AEW Dynamite show.

Backstage Segment :

At first The Young Bucks were backstage explaining their last week’s action. Why they turned on Jon Moxley. Which young bucks replied with. Last week they had to choose between Jon Moxley and their Friendship and they chose friendship. Now they will show them who are the real young bucks to The AEW audience.

Opening :

Backstage Segment :

After the Young Bucks explanation Mike Tyson opened this Week’s AEW Dynamite show. He was backstage clarifying hit status with AEW. But MJF interrupted Mike Tyson and he offered Mike Tyson a blank cheque to align himself with The Pinnacle. Mike Tyson refused this and he tore the check.

Young Bucks Vs PAC and Rey Fenix : AEW Tag Team Championship.

This week’s AEW Dynamite show opened with tag team championships on the line. Where the Young Bucks were defending their tag team championships against PAC and Rey Fenix. Throughout this match it can be seen that now young bucks have changed their attitude and now they are more brutal and vicious than they were before. Pac and Rey Fenix had early advantage in the match but Bucks fired back with the tactics they have created for PAC and Fenix.

Throughout the match we have seen that there were so many incredible moves. And the match had too much back and forth action. Sometimes in the middle of the match PAC and Fenix were too close to win the match. But in the end Young Bucks capitalised with the low blow on PAC, They ripped Rey Fenix’s mask and hit him with double superkicks for the three count. Winners – Young Bucks.

Backstage Interview :

Next was the Backstage Interview of Adam Page. Where Alex Marvez asked him some questions about The Elite. Like why he thinks Young Bucks chose that path and what are Adam Page’s thoughts on this. To which surprisingly Adam Page answered as. He thinks that John Silver’s shoulder will be right in a few weeks. Which was certainly not an answer to his question but vai saying these words Adam Page left the interview.

Backstage Interview :

Mike Tyson and Inner Circle were next backstage answering some questions from Alex Marvez. Like how they managed to bury their old rivalry. To which Chris Jericho replied with : After The Pinnacle’s attack on the inner circle Jericho realised what he had done wrong to all his past friends. That’s why he called Mike Tyson and he apologized to him for his past actions. Surprisingly Mike Tyson forgave him and he agreed to appear on Dynamite to help him against The Pinnacle.

Jade Cargill Vs Red Velvet –

Next on the show was the first women’s match as Jade Cargill set to take on Red Velvet. Red Velvet started attacking Jade Cargill and the match started. Both women showed their talent in the match as they delivered another great match in the women’s division. Early on the match Jade had the advantage and she was on fire as she threw Red Velvet all over the barricade.

After this Jade dominated in most of the match but Red Velvet also had little come back in this match. It felt like she had the match in hand. But Jade faught back and hit Red Velvet with her finisher for the three count. Winner – Jade Cargill.

Backstage Interview :

Next was the Backstage Interview of Dr Britt Baker. Here Britt Baker analysed the top 5 ranking of AEW women’s division and she said in a few weeks. She will be on top of the rankings and challenging Hikaru Shida for her women’s championship.

Anthony Ogogo in ring debut –

Next was Anthony Ogogo’s AEW in ring debut match. He was facing a local talent from AEW. When the match started it felt like the match would be a decent match. But as soon as the match started Anthony Ogogo attacked his opponents midsection. Which was really hard and due to this he was not able to continue and the referee declared Anthony Ogogo as the winner. Winner – Anthony Ogogo.

Backstage Segment : 

Next Miro was backstage and was furious on Kip Sabian. Because since they have lost the arcade anarchy match. Kip haven’t meet Miro. So warned Kip Sabian that if he don’t meet him then he will start his singles career in AEW.

Chris Jericho Vs Dax Harwood –

Next match on Dynamite show was a classic wrestling match between Chris Jericho and Dax Harwood. Mike Tyson was the special guest enforcer for the match. He was at ringside to make sure that no one interferes in the match and each wrestler should follow the rules. He tried his best to make them follow the rules of the match. But somehow Jericho and Harwood both managed to attack each other with foreign object. 

The match was great and in the end Chris Jericho has applied walls of Jericho on Dax. Cash Wheeler tried to interfere but Sammy Gauvara took him out. The Pinnacle members started walking towards the ring to help Dax but the inner circle came from behind to attack them. The referee was distracted due to this brawl and Cash tried to take advantage of this again. He was at apron with baseball bat in his hand he was about to attack Chris Jericho but Mike Tyson knocked him out. Inside ring Dax was trying to hit Jericho with powerbomb but Sammy distracted him that helped Jericho to hit Judas effect on Dax for the three count. Winner – Chris Jericho.

After Match –

After the match the Pinnacle tried to attack Inner Circle but they backed down due to presence of Mike Tyson. Surprisingly in the end Chris Jericho took mic to announce that from now on Mike Tyson is part of the Inner Circle. That means Mike Tyson has officially joined the Inner Circle.

The Elite backstage interview :

Next Alex Marvez was backstage to take Kenny Omega, Good Brothers and Young Bucks interview. He asked them what they’re doing and what is their motive. To which Don Callis and Kenny Omega replied with they’re sick and tired of being a man that they’re not. And that’s not helping them to become that they want to so now they focused to become what they are and now they’ve got the championships. So AEW has to be prepared to see what Omega, Good Brothers and Bucks bring to the table.

Backstage Segment –

Thunder Rosa was backstage cutting a promo. She said both AEW and NWA women’s champion should be ready because she’s coming after them.

Kris Statlander vs Amber Nova –

Next was the women’s division match between Kris Statlander and Amber Nova. This was Kris Statlander’s returning match on AEW Dynamite after nearly 6-9 months due to an injury she had suffered. She was back and ready to take on Amber Nova as since the Bell rang she was showing ker skills and strength in this match. Nova managed to hit some moves on Kris but it was not enough to stop her. Finally galaxies alien Kris Statlander managed to hit her finisher on Nova for the three count. Winner – Kris Statlander.

Backstage Segment :

Team Tazz was backstage talking about bringing Christian Cage in their group. But Ricky Starks and Brian Cage did not want Cage in their group. Tazz convinced them to let Cage join the group because it will make them more stronger.

In Ring Interview :

Christian Cage was interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Christian was saying that he has joined AEW to out work everyone. But there’s no one in backstage to challange him. When Christian was saying that Team Tazz’s leader Tazz came out with Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook. He wanted to know why Cage ignored him and not even answered his questions answer. To which Cage replied with He came here to prove himself not to help Team Tazz to sotout their problems. Tazz got angry on Cage’s these comments and he told Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook to attack Cage. And then Powerhouse Hobbs brutalized Cage with his visuous attack. Cage haven’t had little offence and Hobbs left him suffering in pain at ringside.

After this AEW Announced Matches for their next week’s Dynamite show. And you can find which are they by clicking here 👈

Darby Allin Vs Matt Hardy –

Finally it was time for the main event. As Darby Allin was set to defend his TNT Championship against Matt Hardy in falls count anywhere match. Since the bell rang Matt Hardy started attacking Darby Allin with a Steel Chair. But when Darby had a comeback HOF Interfered in the match and started attacking Darby Allin. Dark Order and Sting came to aid of Darby Allin and they took out HOF. Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page was about to attack Sting but Lance Archer stopped them. But to Sting he felt like Archer is here to attack him. 

Archer came in ring to attack Isiah Cassidy with his finisher and he took private party backstage. Sting also left the arena by handing Darby his baseball bat. Darby was about to attack Matt Hardy with the bat but Hardy capitalised with a low blow on Darby Allin. He hit Allin with twist of fate but Darby kicked out. Hardy took Darby to backstage and he laid Darby with a leg drop through the table. But it was also not enough to win TNT Championship for Matt Hardy.

Hardy brought Allin back towards the commentary table. But before Hardy could do anything this time Allin hit him with a low blow. He put Hardy on the commentary table and hit him with his finisher coffin drop from top of the steel realign. Darby pinned Hardy for the three count and he’s still the TNT Champion. Winner – Darby Allin.

Show went off air as Darby Allin stood tall and raised his TNT Championship.

AEW Dynamite Results 14 April 2021 : Winners and Losers
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AEW Dynamite Results 14 April 2021 : Winners and Losers

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