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AEW Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen 2023 Results


AEW Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen 2023 Results. TBS broadcast today, August 16, the special episode number 202 of AEW Dynamite , live from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN. On this occasion, the show was themed around Fight for The Fallen .

International Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. wheeler yuta.

The bell rings and Cassidy charges with an Orange Punch that Yuta dodges. Immediately they go to a round trip of blows, receiving a great reaction from the public. Yuta’s suplex, another from Cassidy, a kick from one, a kick from another, and kicks at the same time to leave both lying down. Yuta’s Suicide Dive, Orange responds with a Suplex at ringside and Wheeler flees down the ramp. Orange goes for it and takes a hard Piledriver there. Beach Break and count of two when returning to the ring.

Yuta punishes Orange’s arm and knee to take control, taking advantage of the champion’s injuries. Cassidy anticipates Yuta’s rebound off the rope, kicks him out of the ring and flies Dive over him. He looks for height but Yuta stops him and connects a Superplex. Yuta’s Diving Splash and count of two. Cassidy tries a DDT but is stopped by the pain in his knee, Yuta applies a Dragon Screw. Michinoku Driver from Orange and a count of two, he immediately connects a PK and manages to land the DDT.


Claudio Castagnoli and Jon Moxley approach the ring. Cassidy feints with his Orange Punch but applies Mox’s Paradigm Shift. Orange Punch but the pain does not allow him to count. Yuta’s seatbelt that almost takes the bill. Orange reverses a Piledriver attempt with a pin for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy.

As soon as the fight ends, Castagnoli and Moxley attack Cassidy. Best Friends go out to save their friend! They are outclassed by BCC as Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta are not 100%. Fight Bros join the violence! Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix manage to control the ring. Eddie Kingston is back! Kingston immediately charges at Castagnoli and the BCC ends up falling back. Eddie takes the floor: “Wembley Stadium, guys, All In, guys. Us against you and whoever you can find in a Stadium Stampede,” Kingston launches.

Kenny Omega was interviewed earlier by Jim Ross –

Omega remembers that Don Callis has been in his life since his youth because he was friends with his uncle. Kenny says that Callis made him a better athlete, in his own way. “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. I tried to justify the things Don has done, I think of him as a guy. I don’t want him to get in my head, I don’t want this to be all about Don and the people he brings into his family,” says Omega. Kenny talks about Konosuke Takeshita while images of both very young in DDT are shown.


Don Callis interrupts the interview. “Kenny so insecurities you’re going to need three hours,” Don says after laughing that JR was playing Omega’s psychologist. Juice Robinson and Jay White attack Omega! Konosuke Takeshita joins the attack with a wood on Omega’s back. Hangman Page is speaking from the hospital. He says that if someone is going to show up to beat him up, he has to finish it off. Page was in the hospital with Omega and says that he is not finished, nor is he without friends. “He still has the two best friends of his, and I’ll even say, best teammates. Kota Ibushi and me,” says Page. Hangman launches the challenge for All In at Wembley: Kenny Omega, Kota Ibushi & Hangman Page vs. Konosuke Takeshita, Jay White & Juice Robinson .

Don Callis waits in the ring for Chris Jericho to receive his answer –

Callis says that he saw what happened last week with the JAS and he’s sorry. Jericho says that he doesn’t have to feel it, and that that moment made him realize things, that he should change things about the way he is and the things that he does. “As I said, Don, Chris Jericho does not join factions, he creates them. After what happened last week it is obvious to me what the answer is regarding joining your family. The answer of if I want to join to the Don Callis Family is…YES,” says Jericho.

“When the Jericho Appreciation Society abandoned me they made me realize that I have to go back to my roots. I have to be more selfish, join the man who is as short as me, the man I have known for more than 30 years, to get the championship from AEW, the answer is yes!” Jericho yells and hugs Callis. Don wants to leave the ring right away to celebrate. Jericho sees that there is a painting in the ring, covered, and he wants to see it. Don insists on leaving, but Jericho wants to see her.


The painting is of Don Callis with the head of Jericho. Chris asks him if he thought he was going to say no, and if so what he was going to do. Callis says that it was a mistake by the artist who commissioned the work, Jericho stops him. “I know when you’re telling the truth and when you’re lying. Shut up! You’re lying to my face, Don, I want you to be honest with me.

For the first time in your life, you fucking piece of trash, tell me the truth, be a man and tell me the truth.” Jericho snaps at him. Callis finally accepts it. “I didn’t think you were going to say yes. I thought you’d say no because of your big ego. I’ve known you for 34 years, it’s all about Jericho, what he wants, what he needs, it’s always been like that. I thought because of that would make a stupid decision. In a business full of egomaniacs, you stand out,” shoots Callis.

he added :

“Who the hell is Don Callis? 3 years ago you were not in business and nobody cared. Now thanks to me you are in AEW, and compared to me, nobody cares about you. You have lost everything: your family, Kenny Omega, no You have a friend, because you lost me, you ruined every personal relationship you had in your life. Do you know why? Because you are a worm, a piece of garbage, an imbecile, “Jericho launches. Callis slaps him! Jericho takes him by the neck and throws him to the ground. Konosuke Takeshita attacks Chris Jericho.


Will Ospreay attacks Chris Jericho! Ospreay attacks Jericho with a chair and makes him bleed after the hard blow. Don Callis hits Jericho with the paint! Sammy Guevara runs with the bat to save Jericho!

Darby Allin & Nick Wayne vs. Gates of Agony (Toa Liona & Bishop Kaun)

Toa and Kaun attack their rivals on the ramp. Swerve Strickland and AR Fox come out to watch the fight from the ramp. Nick tries to respond in the ring with a Cutter but Toa stops him with a Pounce in midair. Darby finally takes over and flies to ringside over Toa. Nick helps him apply a Crucifix Driver on Kaun but it’s not enough. Gates of Agony go on the offensive again and charge into the corners, but their opponents step up to dodge them. Darby’s Stunner on the ropes and Nick’s Hurricanrana on the edge of the ring. Wayne’s World to Kaun and Moonsault to Toa at ringside, while Darby finishes off Kaun with the Coffin Drop and takes the victory.

Winners: Darby Allin & Nick Wayne.

Allin and Wayne remain defiant in the ring, waiting for Fox and Strickland. Sting speaks from the giant screen. “Now I’m directing movies, and I want to show you something. Fox, I hope you have eyes on my back 24/7 from now on. Why? Because we have a Coffin Match in 10 days, at Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 people. Tell them, leading man , tell them,” Sting says and shows that he has a terrified Prince Nana next to him. Prince corrects him that it is 11 days. Sting ends by saying that “it’s showtime”, in a devilish way and laughing like crazy.


MJF and Adam Cole go to eat at Outback Steakhouse –

an Australian-themed place to understand how their rivals, Aussie Open, think. MJF talks non-stop and Cole stops him with a slap to calm him down, saying that he has an idea. Cole has the Crocodile Dundee movies for you to watch together. MJF shows him videos of kangaroo fights on his phone. “This is how we beat the Aussie Open,” says MJF, and tries to do a kangaroo kick. Cole tells him that it’s a dumb idea, to trust him. They both put on Dundee hats, set up a pool and inflatable crocodiles backstage, and attack a janitor with a Double Clothesline.

Tony Khan yells at them and calls them into his office to scold them for attacking company personnel outside the ring. As he leaves his office, MJF is upset and says that TK will regret this next year when his contract runs out. Khan comes out and asks him what he just said, MJF changes his tone and flatters him so that they all end up apparently on good terms.

MJF and Adam Cole arrive at the arena by car –

Roderick Strong appears when they are not there and kicks the car, hurting his foot. MJF and Adam Cole arrive in the ring. Adam Cole says that there is a week and a half left until the biggest event in wrestling, All In, and affirms that both will become ROH Tag Team Champions at Zero Hour. MJF says that they will do it with the kangaroo kick and makes people chant that. Adam says they’ll win with the Double Clothesline.


“In the main event, we will fight for the AEW World Championship, and it will be the most important fight of my career, because 9 months ago the doctors told me that I would not be able to fight again. There were nights that I woke up crying because I could not fulfill my dream, and now looking forward, I am about to fight in the biggest event, for the most important prize, and I will do it with one of my best friends”, says Cole. “Max, I love you, but I need to win this fight more than you can imagine, and I’m telling you as your friend, out of love. The moment that bell rings I will do everything to win that title,” Cole adds.

“That was a great story, too bad mine is better,” MJF begins.

“When I started in this sport, on my first day at Create A Pro you had to write dream opponents, I wrote two names: Cody Rhodes and Adam Cole Bay Bay. I worked my ass off on the independent circuit to make a place for myself. Then I found out that The Elite would do the biggest wrestling event outside of WWE, All In, and I wrote to Cody Rhodes”, says MJF. “You don’t know me, but if you give me a chance I won’t let you down,” MJF told him. Max says that Cody gave him the opportunity, and although he lost, he met Tony Khan, who offered him a contract for AEW. I became the devil, I became one of the best, I became the AEW world champion,” MJF yells.

“I’m going to be in the main event against the guy who was my dream opponent and now I can say he’s my best friend. This means so much to me that you have no idea, the fact that we both make history. It doesn’t mean everything though. to me. There is only one thing that means everything to me, and that is the championship. This is not just a title, this symbolizes my blood, sweat and tears, countless hours training in the gym, watching tapes until my eyes bleed, everything to be able to get to this,” he says. “If you think that because I am your friend I am going to let myself be beaten, you are crazy. I love you like a brother, but a victory at Wembley would make me legendary. And I am going to win, Adam,


“Okay Max, may the best man win,” says Adam.

MJF says that he believes the best man will win, because his name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, “and I’m better than you and you know it.” Adam Cole closes making the public chant his name too.

Aussie Open appear to attack them by surprise! Cole and MJF respond, Max prepares for the kangaroo kick on Fletcher but Davis saves the co-partner from him. Adam Cole seems to prepare a Superkick to MJF when he has his back, but nothing happens. Max threatens to leave but returns to hug him. The Kingdom and Roderick Strong watch from backstage.

Chris Jericho sends a message to Will Ospreay –

“If you wanted a fight, we already had it pending, you didn’t need to attack me. Previously a pandemic stopped us, but now there will be nothing to stop me. I will make you bleed and take your blood in the middle of the stadium, Ospreay. You never faced anyone with Chris Jericho’s experience and level, I’ll beat you up and humiliate you in front of your family and your people at Wembley Stadium. The Eight is coming for you, Ospreay,” Jericho closes with his face covered in blood.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Deathmatch: Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Hardy goes to the hallway of the arena, where between red lights and dangerous tools hanging on the wall, Jarrett appears. The action quickly turns chaotic with the presence of Karen Jarrett, Satnam Singh, Matt Hardy, Ethan Page and Isaiah Kassidy. Matt and the others dump a bucket of blood on Jeff and Karen. Jay Lethal shows up to save Jarrett and starts running away with them. Sonjay Dutt also appears with an object to attack her rivals. Jeff gets on some boxes and flies mostly backstage.

The fight reaches the commentary table and continues towards the entrance, where everyone continues to hit each other non-stop. Upon reaching the ring, everyone surrounds Jarrett and hits him with objects. Twiist of Fate for JJ that ends up on a table. Swanton Bomb on the table! Jay Lethal breaks the account just in time. After exchanges between both teams, JJ takes the guitar but Hardy takes it away for a partial on his head.

Leatherface arrives with a chainsaw! Leatherface attacks Dutt and chases after Karen. Satnam Singh, who was tied up backstage, breaks free and appears behind Hardy. Lethal hits him with a hammer and Singh finishes off with a Chokeslam and sets up JJ to cover for the win.


Winner: Jeff Jarrett.

Qualifying match for All In: The Bunny vs. britt baker

Britt takes the initiative and looks for the Lockjaw early in the fight, Bunny avoids it and goes on the attack. Bunny wraps her legs around Britt’s head and applies pressure against her ropes. Penelope Ford punishes Britt against the ropes when the referee doesn’t see. Bunny continues to dominate with some more help from Ford. Baker manages to stop her, landing several forearm strikes and a Slingblade followed by a Butterfly Suplex, but it’s not enough. Swinging Neckbreaker and count of two on Bunny. Baker takes out the glove to search for the Lockjaw but Penelope takes it from him. Baker knocks her down, Bunny tries to take advantage of her but Britt quickly counters and finishes off with the Stomp for the victory.

Winner: Britt Baker.

Britt Baker will face Hikaru Shida, Saraya and Toni Storm for the AEW World Women’s Championship at All In .

The Acclaimed arrive to fight two local fighters, but upon entering the ring, the lights go out. Upon power up, House of Black are in the ring. Malakai Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews brutally attack Max Caster and Anthony Bowens. House of Black have in their possession the boots that Billy Gunn left in the ring the last time they faced each other.


The Gunns (Austin & Colten Gunn) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

The Bucks surprise with Superkicks in the middle of the Gunns’ entrance to take control. Upon reaching the ring, the Bucks continue to dominate the Gunns, unloading blows in the corner and connecting Dropkicks. The Gunns combine to turn the tables and keep Matt out of their corner. The Gunns crash at the Clothesline, Matt escapes between them and Nick is finally tagged in to launch himself with a Crossbody.

Nick takes both Gunns down, superkicks Austin and a Facebuster, then pounces on Colten at ringside. Assisted Sliced Bread and Knee Strike on Austin Gunn. The Bucks prepare the BTE Trigger but Colten saves his brother by jumping on the Bucks. The Gunns avoid the Meltzer Driver, Matt throws Colten against Austin but when they return they apply the 3:10 to Yuma. Nick flies to break the count and save his brother. The Gunns try to cover with a trap, but the Bucks counter and with Nick grabbing Matt from ringside they take the victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks.

After the match, Juice Robinson and Jay White attack The Young Bucks. White and Robinson grab a chair to try and hurt Matt’s arm. FTR come to attack Bullet Club Gold! Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood surprise their enemies from behind and connect the Shatter Machine to Juice Robison. FTR stalk the Bucks but when they turn around they don’t attack them. Young Bucks and FTR face each other to close the program. We’ll be covering more on this so stay tuned and remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling! For more updates follow

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