AEW Dynamite February 25, 2021 : Results

AEW Dynamite February 25, 2021 : Results.

1) Jon Moxley Vs Ryan Nemeth.

This week’s AEW Dynamite show opened with a normal one on one match between Jon moxley and Ryan Nemeth. Since the start of the match Jon moxley cleared his intentions and he brutally started to attack Ryan Nemeth. Ryan Nemeth tried to fight back with some reversals but in the end Jon Moxley planted him with Paradigm Shift for the three count. The match was like a squash match for Jon Moxley.

Winner – Jon Moxley.

After Match :

After the match Jon Moxley cut a promo on his upcoming match with Kenny Omega. He said : Since he lost his World title, he is willing to do anything to regain it. Now Kenny Omega decided this stipulation for his own demise, because Jon moxley will do anything to be a world champion again in that exploding barbed wire deathmatch.

After Moxley’s wish promo AEW showed last week’s interview between Lance Archer and Rey Fenix.

After the interview the Young Bucks arrived in the building with their parents.

2) Brian Cage and Ricky Starks Vs Varsity Blondes.

Next match on the dynamite show was between Ricky stocks, Brian cage and Versity Blonds. In the beginning Brian Pillman jr had the advantage in the match as he started to hit Ricky Starks with his own signature moves. Ricky Starks wasted no time to come back in this match and he and Brian cage attacked Varsity blondes taking them to their limits.

Griff Garrison had his own moment in the match after the hot tag, but in the end Brian cage and Ricky Starks planted each member of Varsity Blondes with their finishers. As a result Brian cage and Ricky Starks won the match.

Winner – Brian Cage and Ricky Starks.

After Match :

After the match when Brian Cage and Ricky Starks were celebrating their victory. Suddenly lights went off and Sting arrived on titantron screen. There was a promo for his comeback with Darby Allin. Then Sting walked down the ramp with a body bag.

Many assume that there may be Darby Allin in his body bag. Surprisingly it was Hook son of Tazz. Then Sting pointed towards people in the balcony and Darby Allin came in the Ring with the help of zipline. He attacked Ricky Starks and Brian Cage and sent Starks outside the ring.

Sting made his way in the ring and he planted Brian Cage with his finisher The scorpion death drop. The segment went off as Sting and Darby Allin standing tall in the ring.

Backstage Interview :

Next was the backstage interview between Miro, Kip sabian and Penelope Ford. Tony Schiavone was conducting this interview. Tony asked Kip about his wedding but Miro said : they will not answer that question and he told Tony to never ask any question about their wedding again.

Here Miro was talking to Chuck Taylor saying that : Chuck is a grown man and he should not do anything childish is like Orange Cassidy. During Miro’s words, Spotboye handed a piece of paper to Tony Schiavone. Tony Schiavone handed that piece of paper to Miro. After reading that piece of paper Miro said Chuck should not do any things like that because he is a grown man and that does not suit him.

Miro left the interview in anger but in that piece of paper Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor demanded a match against Miro and Kip Sabian at Revolution pay per view.

3) Jake Hager Vs Brandon Cutler.

Up next Jake Hager was facing Brandon Cutler in singles one on one match. When the bell rang Brandon Cutler tried to take an earlier advantage in the match but Hager reversed him. Hager viciously attacked Cutler in the match with his breathtaking powerbomb and closeline from the hell. At last he pinned Brandon Cutler to win the match.

Winner – Jake Hager.

After Match :

After the match the Inner Circle came down towards the ring and started attacking Brandon Cutler. Young bucks came to save Brandon Cutler due to this Inner Circle left the ring, but Matt Jackson grabbed the mic and he called out Chris Jericho and MJF. It seemed like they were coming down to the ring, but they appeared on titantron screen.

Chris Jericho and MJF said that they are not stupid to come down towards the ring whenever the bucks call them. 

They also said the best time the young bucks should come towards them is because they have presents for the young bucks. By saying these lines Chris Jericho revealed that they have attacked the young bucks father. Bucks when to save their fathers but the damage was already done. Matt Jackson tried to catch Chris Jericho and MJF but they left the arena in the car.

After the brutal beatdown by Chris Jericho and MJF Papa Buck was taken to the hospital.

Next was the hai video for the upcoming match between Cody Rhodes Red Velvet and Jade Cargil, Shaquille O’neal.

4) Adam Page Vs Isiah Cassidy.

The promo package was followed by a normal one on one match between Adam Page and Isiah Cassidy. Before the bell even rang, Hangman Adam Page started attacking Matt Hardy at ringside, But referee stopped him so the match started normally. Page was very angry so he was rapidly laying his moves on Isiah Cassidy.

So Matt Hardy jumped to save Isiah Cassidy and he grabbed Adam Page’s leg and distracted him. While the referee was attending Isiah Cassidy. Matt Hardy attacked Adam Page at ringside but the referee didn’t see it. The Dark Order noticed this and they came down towards the ring to tell the referee that Matt Hardy was interfering in the match. As a result the referee ejected Matt Hardy from the ringside. 

After the ejection of Matt Hardy the match was a clean match between these two superstars. Isiah Cassidy started to target Adam Page’s right arm so he could not hit his finisher on him. For a brief time he was successful in his strategy but in the end Adam Page hit Isiah Cassidy with his another finisher deadeye you secure the victory.

Winner – Adam Page.

After Match :

After the match Adam Page was celebrating his victory over Isiah Cassidy, but suddenly he heard the voice of Matt Hardy. He said now dark order will also have to pay the price because they have aligned themselves with Adam Page. After these words Matt Hardy came down towards the ring holding Dark Order’s number 5 with his lifeless body, and hit threw number 5 from the ramp through the table which was present at ringside.

Adam Page came to check number 5 and this segment ended as Adam Page was caring for Dark Order.

Backstage Segment :

Next was the backstage segment of Kenny Omega. Alex Marvez went to find Kenny Omega in a workshop and he was working there on something. Alex Marvez asked Omega about what he was doing and Omega replied that he is preparing a barbed wire cage for his upcoming match against Jon Moxley. You want to make sure that Moxley would not follow him after this match.

5) Dr. Britt Baker Vs Nyla Rose.

Next match on Dynamite show was a women’s tournament match between Dr Britt Baker and Nyla Rose. This was a very weird match because both the superstars were heel. As soon as the bell rang and Nyla Rose started dominating the match, Britt Baker thought it would be a wise decision for her to leave the ring. But she came back for the match . Surprisingly, by the distraction from Rebel she gained advantage.

Nyla Rose is a beast so it’s too difficult to hold her down. She fought back and at first she attacked Rebel and then turned towards Britt Baker. Britt Baker overcame Nyla Rose but before she could apply the lock jaw, Nyla Rose reversed her and turned it into the beastbomb. The crowd was shocked when Britt Baker still kicked out on 2. As a result the whole crowd was behind her but that could not also prevail har to the top, because Nyla Rose planted her with another beastbomb for the three count.

Winner – Nyla Rose.

Next was the hype video for Jurassic Express and FTR

6) Lance Archer Vs Rey Fenix.

Finally it was time for the main event where Lance Archer was facing Rey Fenix, to determine who will qualify for a ladder match at Revolution pay per view. These two were former Tag Team partners but in this match they fought like real enemies. The match had a very high pace from the beginning and Rey Fenixn was at his ‘A’ game.

Lance Archer also showed his dominance in the match but Rey Fenix was still kicking out at just one. In the match at one time Rey Fenix also hit top rope Spanish fly on Lance Archer, but it was not enough for him to secure the victory. Finally Lance Archer hit Rey Fenix with his furniture and he secured the victory to qualify in the ladder match at Revolution pay per view.

Winner – Lance Archer.

The show ended as Lance Archer and Rey Fenix fist bump each other as a sign of respect.

AEW Dynamite February 25, 2021 : Results

AEW Dynamite February 25, 2021 : Results

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