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AEW Dynamite Dec 23, 2020 “Holiday Bash”: Results, Winners and Review

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AEW Dynamite Dec 23, 2020 is the latest episode of AEW’s weekly episodic television show Dynamite. This week’s AEW Dynamite show is a late night Dynamite show due to NBA games schedule. Which is going to air on TNT network on this Wednesday due to change in their schedule. That lead AEW to change their schedule airing dynamite immediately following NBA games on TNT Network. Making Dynamite show time late by 2 hours off the regular time.

Opening Match :

1) Chris Jericho & MJF Vs Top Flight.

This week’s AEW Dynamite special edition show “Holiday Bash” opened with a normal one on one Tag Team match between Chris Jericho and MJF Vs Top Flight. This was very strange suprise by AEW to open the special show with a tag team match. Though this match was one of the best match to open the special dynamite show. This match had AEW’s best upping comer talents like MJF and Top Flight who showed that they can give very best match together but Chris Jericho also showed that he’s still a great wrestler by giving his one of the best performance in this match.

At first Inner Circle dominated the match but Top Flight made their comeback in this match by performing the moves that we have never seen before on AEW Dynamite television. Top Flight had this match in their hands but as soon as they got momentum Jake Hager interfield in this match allowing MJF to take advantage and hit his finisher on Top Flight to count for three.

This match really had the best tag team wresting and this was really best opener for this week’s dynamite show.

Results : Chris Jericho & MJF defeated Top Flight.

Post Match :

After the match Jake Hager came in ring and said “I’m very happy that inner circle is working back together as a unit, But I’m angry over one man who’s not working together and it’s Wardlow”. Wardlow is not appearing on AEW Dynamite show due to his personal problems but Hager said ” Inner Circle is also a family and if Wardlow is not showing up at AEW Dynamite then he’s betraying the Inner Circle.” That’s why Hager wanted a match against Wardlow to teach him a lesson of family and he said ” I’d talked to Tony Khan and he agreed to book a match between Jake Hager and Wardlow next week on AEW Dynamite special edition New year’s smash.”

That made new match official for next week’s AEW Dynamite special edition show “New year’s Smash.” MJF tried to stop Hager and also talked to Chris Jericho for stopping this match but Jericho replied that “Tony Khan made that match official and Jericho can’t do anything about it.”

After This match there was a hype video for The Acclaimed were they sang Diss-Track on The Young Bucks hyping tonight’s Main Main Event.

2) Sting’s Interview.

After the best opening match between Chris Jericho and MJF Vs Top Flight and The Acclaimed’s rap song sting arrived at AEW Dynamite for his interview. Tony Schiavone was already in the ring for conducting this interview. After Sting’s arrival Tony Schiavone asked Sting that why is he here ? Is there anything he want to do in this company ? Interrupting Cody Rhodes, pointing at Derby Allin, What’s all that ? Sting answered “Many years ago, He used to work for Dusty Rhodes the father of Cody Rhodes. Dusty was really nice guy and sting has learnt a lot from Dusty Rhodes. Now his son Cody Rhodes is running a company that’s why Sting want to see what’s Cody Rhodes doing here. That’s why sting is here.” But when sting started to talk about Darby Allin.

Team Tazz interrupted sting and Tazz said “Lately sting is interfering in Team Tazz’s matter and Team Tazz want to show sting his place.” That’s why Team Tazz started to come closer to ring for attacking sting but lights went off and Darby Allin arrived in the in the ring, who was watching all this thing by standing in stands. Due to arrival of Darby Allin Team Tazz panicked and they stopped. Tazz want on say that “Darby Can’t stop Team Tazz, But Tazz wants Darby to be 100% after 2 weeks because after 2 weeks Brian Cage will challenge Derby Allin for TNT Championship and he don’t want to face Darby Allin who’s not hundred percent alright.” That’s why though Brian cage wanted to face Darby Allen right now Team Tazz backed down.

After this sting add Derby Allan started to stare at each other add segment went off air.

Backstage Segment :

After Sting’s interview, MJF went back in a locker room to find Santana and Oritz. Who were playing cards backstage in a locker room. MJF came closer to Santana and said that “It’s very hard to listen that Santans’s as father has passed away, but MJF is here to support Santana because MJF knows when someone dies who you love it’s very heartbreaking”. MJF added ” He loved his grandfather but his grandfather has passed away so he can feel the pain of Santana.” After hearing MJF’s those words Santana stood up and hugged MJF. Maybe Santana is feeling same for MJF. But after the hugs Santana left the room after that Ortiz shook MJF’s hand and he also left the room.

In the end of this segment camera was at on focus of MJF’s closeup. So maybe MJF is trying to win Santana and Oritz’s trust.

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