AEW Dynamite Dec 2, 2020. “Winter is Coming” Preview.


This is AEW Dynamite episode going to be held on December 2, 2020. Which is AEW’s 49’th Dynamite episode and this is AEW’s Dynamite Episode has special theme which they are advertising as AEW Winter Is Coming. AEW has advertised many thigs for this week’s dynamite show which we’re gonna talk here as AEW Dynamite Preview.


1) Britt Baker Vs Leyla Hirsch.

Talking about this match AEW has confirmed that Britt Baker will face Leyla Hirsch. The normal one on one match at AEW Dynamite December 2, 2020 WINTER IS COMING episode. Britt Baker is AEW’s one of the biggest female wrestler who will face AEW’s upping comer Layla Hirsch who is still young. so this match has no back story. All Elite Wrestling randomly booked this match for dynamites winter is coming episode.


Britt Baker will defeat Layla Hirsch.

2) AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royale.

AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royale is yearly Battle Royale. All Elite Wrestling’s wrestlers fight each other to crown new Dynamite diamond ring holder every year. Last year MJF and Hangman Adam Page won Dynamite diamond ring Battle Royale. Then MJF defeated Hangman Adam page MJF became first ever Dynamite diamond ring holder. This year MJF will defend his Dynamite diamond ring in a battle royal match. This match contain multiple wrestlers like Adam Hangman Page, Matt Hardy, Miro, Sammy Guevara and Orange Cassidy.


MJF and Sammy Guevara will win and we face one another for dynamic diamond ring next week.

3) Chris Jericho vs Frankie Kazarian.

Chris Jericho and Frankie Kazarian are All Elite Wrestling’s one of the greatest and senior wrestlers. They both have very long and historic wrestling career but they never faced each other in their at least 48 year long wrestling career combined. Finally this week Chris Jericho and Frankie kazarian will face of each other in normal one on one match at AEW Dynamite Winter is coming. Last week Chris Jericho defeated Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian by cheating and angry Frankie Kazarian attacked MJF after match.That angered Chris Jericho so Jericho wants to take revenge from Kazarian this week.


Chris Jericho will defeat frankie kazarian.

4) Darby Allin & Cody Rhodes Vs Ricky Starks & Will Hobbs.

Darby allin is AEW’s veteran wrestler who recently became TNT champion. But before Darby became TNT champion he has been feuding with Team Tazz. Team Tazz wants TNT Championship title shot against Darby Allin so they have been attacking Darby from one month. Cody Rhodes came to save Darby Allin from Team Tazz so this week we will be facing each other in a tag team match at AEW Dynamite Dec 2 2020 winter is coming.


Team Tazz Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs will defeat Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin.

5) Jon Moxley Vs Kenny Omega.

Jon moxley and Kenny Omega are AEW’s two biggest faces who can run AEW company on their shoulders. Jon moxley and Kenny Omega faced each other last year at AEW Full Gear were Moxley defeated Omega in a very tough match. That lead to self destruction of Kenny Omega but after one and half year Omega finally regain his confidence and became number one contender for or Jon Moxley’s AEW World Heavyweight Championship. Now they will face each other on AEW Dynamite winter is coming for second time in a rematch from last years Full Gear pay per view but this time it will be a normal wrestling match to become AEW’s biggest wrestler for both of them.


Kenny Omega will defeat Jon moxley.

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