AEW Dynamite Dec 16 2020 Preview and Prediction.


AEW Dynamite Dec 16 2020 is AEW’s regular weekly television show Dynamite. AEW has advertised multiple Matches and segments for this week’s Dynamite show as follows.

Segments for this week’s Dynamite show :

1) Sting appearing live.

At last week’s Dynamite show sting was schedule to talk and reveal his initiative to arrive at AEW Dynamite. But last night when Tony Schiavone was taking an interview of Cody Rhodes. Suddenly lights went off and Sting interrupted the interview. Sting walked In through the ropes and came face to face with Cody Rhodes and Cody welcomed sting in AEW. Cody Rhodes was thanking sting for saving him from Team Tazz one week prior, but Sting’s reply surprised Cody Rhodes because Sting said that “he is not here to save Cody Rhodes but Cody will soon find my he is here.” And he pointed towards Darby allin.

After that sting left the ring by hugging Cody Rhodes. But Cody was confused to hear what sting just had said. Because Sting was Cody Rhodes’s favourite as growing up and now even though. Sting knows that he is Cody Rhodes’s favourite Wrestler, He refused to work with him.

Now sting is arriving at AEW Dynamite knowing that last week he disrespected Cody. So we have to see what sting will do by arriving live on a this week’s AEW Dynamite Dec 16 2020 show.

Matches for this week’s Dynamite show:

1) Serena Deeb & Big Swole Vs Ivelasse & Diamante.

As we have seen on last week’s Dynamite. While Nyla Rose and Jade attacking Red Velvet in backstage, Serena Deeb and Big Swole tried to save Red Velvet from the attack. But as soon as they came face to face with Nyla Rose and Jade Ivelasse and Diamante attacked Serena Deeb and Big Swole from behind. There was big brawl backstage between these womens and referees tried to separate these womens.

As a result AEW booked Serena Deeb and Big Swole on this week’s Dynamite show in a normal tag team match to face Ivelasse and Diamante. This match could be one of the best women’s tag team match we have ever seen in AEW Dynamite history. Because there are 4 excellent female wrestlers involved in this match.

Prediction: Ivelasse and Diamante will defeat Serena Deeb and Big Swole.

2) Cody Rhodes Vs Angélico.

Last week after having his words exchange with WCW legend sting. This week on Dynamite Cody Rhodes returns in action where he will take on TH2’s one half Angélico. Last week Angélico was also a part of very memorable match in TH2’s career where they fought AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks for AEW World Tag Team Championships. Last week TH2 came short in their match and last chance to earn title opportunity for AEW World Tag Team Championships. But Today Angélico have chance to improve his win loss record in AEW.

This one on one match has no backstory and this match is randomly booked by AEW for this week’s Dynamite show. But there are very high hopes for this match because we are gonna see Angélico in one on one action after very long time.

Prediction: Cody Rhodes will Defeat Angélico.

3) SCU Vs The Acclaimed.

on last week’s Dynamite show. We have seen that when Young Bucks were defending their AEW world Tag Team championships against TH2. At one point in match Young Bucks accidentally threw one half of TH2 Jack Evens on The Acclaimed who were present at ringside. After this Young Bucks managed to win the match by pinning Angélico.

After that match The Acclaimed tried to attack on Young Bucks because they threw Jack Evans on them. But as soon as The Acclaimed approached the ring Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian (SCU) came to save Young Bucks from The Acclaimed. That’s why AEW booked this match on this week’s AEW Dynamite Dec 16 2020 show.

The Acclaimed is AEW’s best upping comer tag team who’s performance was very great on AEW’s Dark shows specially their Diss-Tracks. So there are very high hopes for this new tag team to perform well on AEW’s biggest show Dynamite.

Prediction: The Acclaimed will defeat SCU.

4) Adam Page, John Silver & Alex Reynolds Vs Matt Hardy & Private Party.

Two weeks prior on AEW Dynamite show. There was Dynamite diamond ring Battle Royale to crown new Dynamite diamond ring holder. That match included all these six members who are part of this match. In that match Matt Hardy accidentally eliminated both wrestlers who are his Tag Team partners in this match that means private party. Matt Hardy also eliminated dark orders both members Alexa Reynolds and John Silver. Who were supporting Adam Hangman page in this match.

That’s why when Alex Reynolds and John Silver got eliminated from that match. Adam Hangman page tried to take Dark Order’s revenge from Matt Hardy and he went after Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy was ready for Adam Page and he threw Page over the Top rope, but dark order catched Adam Hangman page and saved him from being eliminated. Adam Page used this as advantage but even though Matt Hardy eliminated Adam Hangman Page.

That’s why to fix issue between these men AEW booked this match for this week’s Dynamite show. This match has very interesting back story that will Adam Hangman page join dark order or not. So this is very interesting match to see on Dynamite show.

Prediction: Adam Page,John Silver & Alex Reynolds will defeat Matt Hardy & Private Party.

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