AEW Cody Rhodes turning heel anytime soon !

AEW Cody Rhodes turning heel anytime soon ! Since All Elite Wrestling company has started in 2019. We have seen Cody Rhodes as the face superstar in All Elite Wrestling. Until now in 2021 Cody Rhodes has never changed his character from a face superstars to a heel superstar.

Fans wanted to see Cody Rhodes’s Heel side on AEW Dynamite show. So many of Cody Rhodes’s fans started to ask him about his heel turn. One fan tweeted the following tweet asking :

Cody is gonna turn heel anytime soon ?

To which Cody Rhodes replied by saying :

Literally almost no chance my friend. After a decade of honing my skills at this, and the last 3 – 4 years of such a strong and growing connection with my fans…I’d be a fool to throw it away and swim upstream.

By which we can understand Cody Rhodes isn’t going to turn heel anytime soon. Because as Cody Rhodes said he has served the past 3 to 4 years as a face superstar and in those years he has gained too much respect from the fans. So he did not want to throw that all away and turn heel just for some fun. Once we had a little glimpse of Cody Rhodes turning heel on AEW Dynamite show. When he was returned after Brodie Lee’s brutal attack with black suit and black hairs. People thought it’s Cody Rhodes heel turn but it was not which he clarified after winning the TNT Championship back.

AEW Cody Rhodes turning heel anytime soon !
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AEW Cody Rhodes turning heel anytime soon !

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