5 Recently released WWE wrestlers who should join AEW

5 Recently released WWE wrestlers who should join AEW. On April 15th 2021. Exactly after 1 year from last year’s Black Wednesday in the wrestling industry. WWE release date another set of superstars from their company. The reason behind these releases was the same as this is a pay cut release. It’s fine that WWE released these wrestlers to save their money but now these wrestlers have to move on in their wrestling careers. Following are 5 wrestlers among these releases who should join AEW to revive their wrestling careers and for their future.

5. Mickie James.

Mickie James AEW
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Mickie James is WWE’s well known female wrestler who has a brief run in WWE. She joined the promotion in the mid 2000s and marked her position on WWE’s women’s division as for good. She also won WWE’s women’s Championship by defeating Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 22. After leaving WWE returned to the promotion in 2017 at the age of 38. After having a good run in WWE she was sidelined due to the injuries. So WWE finally gave up on her after keeping her backstage about 9 months. She was finally released on April 15 2021.

Mickie James is a great wrestler and she is well known among wrestling fans. At this stage of a wrestling career she wanted to have some good matches in WWE. But due to her recent release this is not possible now. So there is a chance that she might join AEW to have some great matches in her late wrestling career. Even after her wrestling career ends. She could be the great addition for AEW’s women’s division to teach them the basics of wrestling.

4 & 3. IIconics – Peyton Royce and Billie Kay.

IIconics Peyton Royce Billie Kay AEW
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Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, the duo collectively known as IIconics. They are Australian professional wrestlers who joined WWE in 2018. They were performing as a tag team which might have forced WWE. To introduce the Tag Team championships in their Women’s division. They have won the women’s Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 36. But after the lackluster run as a tag team champion. They were separated by the WWE draft. It seemed like they had a great future ahead of them but WWE never capitalised on this. As a result they both were released in this year’s releases.

They are still young as Peyton Royce and Billie Kay stand at the age 28 and 31. So they have a brief future ahead of them. We could be a great addition for any company’s women’s division. As a tag team and as a singles wrestler too. In another hand AEW’s women’s division is still lacking with talent so this might be a great opportunity to sign them to AEW. They can be great additions to AEW’s women’s division and they can definitely help AEW to build their women’s Tag Team division if we want to. So it’s a Win-Win situation for AEW to send them to their company.

2. Chelsea Green.

Chelsea Green AEW
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Chelsea Green is also a really great wrestler and worker. She made her WWE debut in 2018 on the WWE NXT and then later moved up to the WWE RAW and then SmackDown. WWE saw potential in her and they were ready to make her one of their top female talents. But she suffered an injury on one SmackDown live match and she broke her wrist. Due to this she had to stay away from the ring. but after recovering she was ready to make her WWE return. Until then WWE lost faith in her and they released her from their company as 2021 pay cuts.

Chelsea Green is a really talented wrestler and she can make a name for herself in any situation she is given. As of now she is 30 years old and she definitely has a lot of things to give to the wrestling industry. So there is a possibility that she might join AEW. Because her former Tag Team partner Dr Britt Baker is currently signed with the promotion and she is their one of the top stars. So if Chelsea Green decides to join AEW then she could be one of the top women’s wrestlers in AEW too.

1. Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe AEW
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Samoa Joe is a really old school desk and he has a lot of experience in the wrestling industry. That’s why after his brief run with other wrestling companies from 2001 to 2014 he finally joined the WWE in 2015. He had a great run in WWE NXT but on the main roster. Samoa Joe’s initial run was good as he faced Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. After that injuries sidelined him from time to time and due to his multiple back to back injuries. WWE joined him on the commentary table where he did a great job. But when he felt that now he can wrestle again, WWE finally gave up on him and released him from their company.

As of now Samoa Joe is 41 years old. And even though he might have limited years in his wrestling career ; he could be a great addition for any wrestling company. AEW could be a great fit for him as AEW wrestlers don’t have too many days to work. So there is a list possibility that he might get injured in any possible way. Even though he might not be on AEW Dynamite show, he could be a great addition for AEW Dark Elevation show as an active competitor or even as a commentator.

5 Recently released WWE wrestlers who should join AEW
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These wrestlers really could be the great addition for AEW Roster. So we might have to see if they join AEW or not.

5 Recently released WWE wrestlers who should join AEW

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