10 Highest viewed AEW Dynamite shows during rating war

10 Highest viewed AEW Dynamite shows during rating war. Since the launch of AEW Dynamite in late 2019. They were in a rating war against WWE’s NXT brand. We had such ratings wars before in the wrestling industry known as The Monday Night Wars which gave fans the best wrestling era. But now WWE wanted to go head to head with AEW which was the biggest non WWE wrestling organisation in North America since WCW. That’s why the rating war took place between AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT to determine which promotions fans wanted to see each week. Due to the disagreement between WWE NXT and The USA Network WWE had to move their NXT show on Tuesdays. That’s why the war ended. But during this war each show scored pretty good viewership and following are. 10 Highest viewed AEW Dynamite shows during this Wednesday Night Wars.

10. AEW Dynamite – 15/01/2020.

AEW Dynamite Bash at The Beach Chris Jericho Attacks jon Moxley
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This what’s the special episode of AEW Dynamite show known as Bash at The Beach. It was originally WCW pay per view but they didn’t trademarked that’s why AEW had a chance to do a show as Bash at The Beach under AEW banner. The show kick started with a fantastic fatal 4 way tag team match between Young Bucks, Best Friends, Santana and Ortiz and Kenny Omega and Adam Page. It was a number one contenders match which Kenny Omega and Adam Page won and then they went on to challenge SCU for their world Tag Team championships. Cody Rhodes accepted MJF’s 3 stipulations steel cage match against Wardlow, he can’t touch MJF until their match and 10 lashes on live TV. 

The lowest point of the show was the women’s tag team match between Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander Vs Mel and Brandi Rhodes. Another great match on the show was Jon Moxley’s Vs Sammy Guevara. Where Jon Moxley took out another Inner Circle’s member Sammy Guevara. But Inner Circle took their revenge by attacking Jon Moxley’s eye with a nail. Diamond Dallas Page returned on the show to wrestle after his long retirement because MJF was mocking him then. DDP came short but the main event for the show was awesome as Darby Allin took on Pac to get a chance to fight Jon Moxley for number 1 Contendership. Pac won and then Jon Moxley confronted him and the show recorded some pretty huge numbers as. The show gained 940,000 viewers.

9. AEW Dynamite – 08/01/2020.

Jon Moxley Joins inner circle
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The show opened with Adam Page and Kenny Omega taking on Private Party. Which was a really good match and surprisingly Kenny Omega and Adam Page won it because at that point they thought they never could. After that Kris Statlander faced Riho where Dr Luther made his AEW debut which on that point was totally senseless. And after the match there was an angle of brawl which nobody wanted to see. Sammy Guevara faced Christopher Daniels where Christopher Daniels put over the young up-and-coming talent. After that dark order wanted to recruit him but Dennis had nothing to do with it. So he started to attack the dark order and young bucks also helped him.

Then The Rhodes Brothers had a good match with Lucha Bros where Rhodes came on top. MJF called out DDP for disrespecting him, DDP wanted to hit MJF with a diamond cutter but MJF hit him with a low blow and ran away. Jurassic Express took on Best Friends and Orange Cassidy delivering the best match of the night. But the main event which had everybody’s eyes rolling on. Because Jon Moxley was going to decide whether he is joining the inner circle or not and for a good time. Heat is that he has indeed joined the Inner Circle. But when he got a chance he hit Chris Jericho with champagne and ran away. Overall it was a great Dynamite show and it also generated 947,000 viewers overnight.

8. AEW Dynamite – 13/11/2019.

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara lost to SCU
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This Dynamite show was the fall out from Full Gear 2019 pay per view. Which had really great and shocking matches. As the show kicked off Jon Moxley defeated Michael Nakazawa in seconds. To show his frustration telling that he is going to run rough shots on AEW roster. Jungle Boy and Marco Stunt faced Stu Grayson and Evil Uno where the bad guys came out on top. They wanted to recruit them in dark order but Luchasaurous stopped it. After this day was a random match between Shawn Spears Peter, Avalon and Darby Allin. But after the match ended Darby Allin accepted Jon Moxley’s challenge which he put up earlier. Nyla Rose squashed a local talent but after that when Allie was cutting a promo Nightmares Collective attacked her.

After this there was AEW world heavyweight champion Chris Jericho talking about his victory over Cody Rhodes last night, MJF came out and they both mocked Cody Rhodes. Cody was out there and started beating them both but then there was a surprise debut of Wardlow. Who helped MJF to attack Cody Rhodes. Adam Page faced Pac in their rubber match and Pac came out on top. Santana and Ortiz had a backstage brawl with The Young Bucks where they hyped Orange Cassidy. In the end Santana and Ortiz took out The Young Bucks with a devastating powerbomb. In the main event Chris Jericho also tested his first loss by the hands of Scorpio Sky in a tag team match. On which he was really heartbroken but the overall show scored 957,000 viewers. Which was good as compared to other shows going on that time.

7. AEW Dynamite – 23/10/2019.

Jon Moxley Vs Pac
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The show started with the semi finals round match between Lucha Bros and Private Party to become AEW Tag Team Champions. Where as people predicted Lucha Bros won after that SCU won the other semifinals match by defeating The Dark Order. So now Lucha Bros and SCU were said to face each other in finals during this match Chris Jericho went to the VIP Box with the Inner Circle. After this Kenny Omega pulled a victory over Joey Janela in their rematch from AEW Dark. Then Cody Rhodes was cutting a promo but Inner Circle started to distract him by making noises from the VIP box. That’s why Cody Rhodes went to attack them with his own group and they had a really good Brawl.

Then the Young Bucks defeated the Best Friends in a pretty good match but they really didn’t have a story. After which young Young Bucks accepted the challenge from Santana and Ortiz. Britt Baker squashed another local talent then there was the main event match between Jon Moxley and Pac. This was their first time meeting on AEW Dynamite show so everybody wanted to know who would win this match. But the result surprised many fans as this match went into a time limit draw. They really had a good match but time limit draw didn’t let the fans to see the winner but whereas the show stands it generated 963,000 viewers.

6. AEW Dynamite – 01/01/2020.

AEW Dynamite Homecoming The Elite
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This was AEW’s first Dynamite show of the new year and it was on January 1st. Not only that but it was also AEW’s homecoming Dynamite show which was returning to Jacksonville. Opening bout between Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes where Darby tried to overcome his first ever Nightmare in AEW but he failed. Women’s title was up for grabs on the next where Riho defended her Championship against 3 contenders Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida and Nyla Rose. This was the great match by AEW’s women’s division as Riho managed to defeat all three contenders. After the match Nyla Rose viciously attacked Riho.

Next Jon Moxley defeated Trent but after the match he got a very big proposal by Chris Jericho that if he joins Inner Circle.  Then he’ll get a Ford GT with 49% ownership of Inner Circle LLC. Dustin Rhodes faced Sammy Guevara in an incredible match where Sammy Guevara defeated Dustin Rhodes. Then MJF revealed his 3 stipulations for Cody Rhodes if he wants a match against MJF. In the main event the young bucks and Kenny Omega talk on the death Triangle. Which was another great match on this Dynamite show showing that what AEW talent can deliver Kenny Omega and young bucks came on top. In the end and they had a really good promo with a celebration to close the show. As the show gained 967,000 viewers.

5. AEW Dynamite – 30/12/2020.

AEW Dynamite Brodie Lee Tribute Show Brodie Lee Jr
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Passing off any man on the earth is very devastating for his family and his friends. It was the same case with Brodie Lee; he passed away in late 2020 and AEW put out this incredible show in memory of Brodie Lee. The show opener with the 10 tolls in memory of Brodie Lee as his family, friends and AEW crew members were there to pay him the respect that he deserves. The whole show was around Brodie Lee and for his memorial and every match on a card had the members of Brodie Lee’s Faction The Dark Order. In an opening match we have seen the young bucks and Colt Cabana defeat Matt Hardy and private party.

Lance Archer, Stu Grayson and Evil Uno defeated Eddie Kingston and The Butcher and The Blade. Adam Page, John Silver and Alex Reynolds defeated The Inner Circle and Brodie Lee’s old friend Erick Redbeard also showed up to show his respect to Brodie Lee. Anna Jay and Tay Conti defeated Britt Baker and Penelope Ford. Cody Rhodes, Orange Cassidy and Dark Order’s 10 defeated Team Tazz which match was booked by Brodie Lee’s son Brodie Lee Jr. In the end there was a memorial segment for Brodie Lee where Tony Khan handed Brodie Lee Jr TNT Championship for life. The show gained 977,000 viewers. Which was a really good and emotional show.

4. AEW Dynamite – 09/12/2020.

Sting and Cody Rhodes
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This was AEW Dynamite show following Sting’s AEW debut and Kenny Omega winning The AEW World Heavyweight Championship. The prior Dynamite show to this one was special dynamic so known as winter is coming and that shows effects are clearly visible here. The young bucks and TH2 opened the show facing each other. TH2 wanted to become the number one contender for the young bucks world Tag Team Championship. But they could not defeat the Bucks so their chances were over. Cody Rhodes and Sting were interviewed later by Tony Schiavone where Sting said that Darby Allin is his favourite wrestler in AEW. After this FTR defeated up-and-coming Tag Team Varsity Blonds.

Then Dustin Rhodes defeated Dark Order’s 10 and he wasn’t ready to join the group. Shaquille o’neal and Brandi Rhodes had an interview where Brandi threw water on his face. Next was Inner Circle’s ultimatum where they agreed to work side by side. Eddie Kingston, The Butcher and The Blade were facing Lance Archer and Lucha Bros. The match was good but the bad guys stole the victory. Abadon was set to face local talent but she terrified her that’s why Hikaru Shida came to help her add hit her with a Kendo stick. But abadon had zero effects on her. Kenny Omega arrived and revealed why he did what he did last week. And then the main event was Orange Cassidy Vs MJF where MJF retained his Dynamite diamond ring. The Overall show was great and it had 995,000 viewers just 5000 below 1 million mark.

3. AEW Dynamite – 16/10/19.

Chris Jericho vs Darby Allin
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This was the third installment of AEW Dynamite show which was about to open by a tag team match but Lucha Bros attacked SCU. But then the match started with SCU’s other members Scorpio Sky replacing Christopher Daniels and SCU defeated Best Friends. Then Santana and Ortiz squashed Alex Reynolds and John Silver. Riho defended her women’s Championship against Britt Baker who could not believe that. Riho had just defeated her for her women’s Championship. Lucha Bros defeated Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy in a Tag Team Championship tournament Match which was a fun match.

Then Jon Moxley and Pac were set to face Kenny Omega and Adam Page in a tag team match and the match was good but in the end Moxley turned on Pac. That’s why Kenny Omega and Adam Page won the match. The main event was Chris Jericho taking on Darby Allin and his world championship was on the line. The match was a really good match and it had a lot of great spots and Chris Jericho really presented Darby Allin as a huge star. But the result was inevitable as Chris Jericho defeated Allin for his Championship. This was just the third installment of the show and a lot of people had their eyes on the product. That’s why the show managed to get 1,014,000 viewers which had been the last time in nearly two years. That they have reached the 1 million mark.

2. AEW Dynamite – 09/10/19.

Pac attacks Kenny Omega
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This was AEW’s second Dynamite show and the product was Red hot after the first one. The first show had left fans with too many questions that’s why they had to watch the show to get their answers. The show opened with young bucks taking on Private Party which would have been an easy match for the Bucks but surprisingly they lost it. Then Chris Jericho was on the show introducing his new Inner Circle saying they are here to run the show. Next Darby Allin took on Jimmy Havoc which was another great singles match between the wrestlers that no one knew before. But after this match they were impossible to forget. Then Bea Presley and Emi Sakura were taking on Riho and Britt Baker which was a great match and impressive result as Britt Baker and Riho won it.Then Best Friends had an interview where they introduced AEW to their newest member Orange Cassidy.

Jon Moxley faced the chairman Shawn Spears and both were underutilized in WWE. But this time they showed what they are really made up of. Moxley won the match but after the match Omega was there to attack him but before they could do anything Pac attacked Omega from behind. Adam Page and Dustin Rhodes were facing Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara in the main event. The match was a really good match where Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara prevailed as the winners. After the match ended there was a little brawl between inner circle Cody Rhodes, MJF and Darby Allin as the show went off air. The show was well balanced and it generated 1,140,000 viewers which was second great numbers for AEW.

1. AEW Dynamite – 02/10/19.

AEW Dynamite episode 1 Inner Circle
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The highest viewed AEW Dynamite show during Wednesday Night Wars was none other than the premiere episode of AEW Dynamite. The show had a lot of buzz going around it because this was the first major wrestling show by any other company then the WWE. The show opened with Cody Rhodes taking on Sammy Guevara who was the Young and up-and-coming wrestler in AEW. The match was great but Cody Rhodes won it after this match Cody Rhodes was having an interview. But there was little dispute between Cody Rhodes and Sammy Guevara which came to hunt Cody Rhodes later that night. MJF faced Brandon Cutler in a singles match which was not a great match and MJF won it.

Then Lucha Bros and SCU had a Brawl while they were having an interview on a ramp. Adam Page and Pac were facing each other and surprisingly here too Pac came out on top defeating Adam Page. Next the first ever AEW women’s Champions crowned in a fantastic match between Riho and Nyla Rose. They had a great story and being underdog Riho won the gold and the crowd was really behind her. The main event was Kenny Omega and Young Bucks taking on Chris Jericho and Santana and Ortiz. Where after a few minutes in the match Jon moxley entered the ring and took out Kenny Omega. The match continued and after some time Chris Jericho and Santana and Ortiz won the match. After the match ended there was a brawl in which Jake Hager debuted in AEW which was another surprising moment. All in all the first show was the great show and it had 1,409,000 viewers watching the show. Which is still a record and highest viewership of AEW’s any dynamite show up today.

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